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Dwaggie, dwaggie, dwaggie...

Take the What Color Dragon Should You Ride? Quiz

Made By: myway and teza

Odd. Always pictured myself as a brown or blue, really. Though I doubt I'd want to be a dragonrider. While I could probably get over the whole 'heights' thing pretty fast... meh. Yes, I am a coward. Very much so.
I would, however, want a firelizard. I've always wanted a little tiny dragon to perch on my shoulder and toast people who piss me off. Yeeess...

Urgh. Decided to find out if my stomach misbehaving is a result of not eating enough, or just being sick.
I ate (1/8 a bagel. Not much.).
In the ten minutes since, it has almost returned to haunt me three or four times, but I'm trying to keep it down. I am taking this as a sign from whatever powers that be meaning I am sick and food is not my friend at the moment.
... note to self: do not eat tomorrow. Throwing up at Solo & Ensemble = all kinds of not good.

I am still extremely tired. I haven't moved (other than once to get the bit of bagel and then two or three times to the bathroom when I thought I would throw up) in several hours, but when I do, the room gets a little whirly. I think more sleep is in order.
I'm going to go lie on my bed, stare at my ceiling, and try not to sick up. Whee.


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