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Goals for today: (in order of importance)
- Do not throw up before or during Solo and Ensemble
- Do not pass out during Solo and Ensemble
- Do not fall over and hurt self during school day (I'm prone to doing this normally, so when I'm sick... *fwump*)
- Do not eat anything solid; stomach seems to dislike it greatly. Juice for lunch (yes, John. The sex juice, if I can locate it in the pit of Nothingness that is my car. You may rejoice now.).
- For the love of god, stop shaking so much. My entire upper body was shaking while I lay down in the band hall. Mostly from trying not to throw up. Rrgh.
- Do not sleep through all classes (headache and nausea should prevent this anyway)
- Do not snap at teachers; they do not know I am sick and cannot be expected to be sympathetic in the least
- Snap only at annoying peers, calmly and quickly explain sickness to tolerable ones (keeping my mouth open too long seems to give my stomach the impression that I want it to empty itself)
- If at all possible, avoid throwing up/passing out after Solo and Ensemble as well, at least until the drive home is over.

Last night was interesting. After going to bed and lying there for a while, I dozed off. Woke up shortly after, thinking I needed to get up and wake Nicole so she could wear something besides pajamas to school for S&E. Turned on light (watch battery is dying and does not show numbers when it lights up), checked watch. 3:48 AM. All right then. Went back to sleep. More accurately, lay there, eventually dozed. Woke a second time. 4:59. Well then. Tried once again. Just as I start to doze (of course) radio announces that it is 6:00. I stand, black out, lie down, and stand again. Eventually make my way to the bathroom, make a face at myself in the mirror, brush my teeth, and go downstairs to retreive my shirt from my mother's closet and wake Nicole.
Again with the pantyhose rant. No hose that fits my waist/hips will ever be long enough for my legs. Damnit. It's annoying having to buy them two sizes too big. And since I usually don't wear 'em (I wear fishnets, but that's it) and I needed skin-toned hose... I had to steal from my mother. These are aggravating the hell out of me. Grr. Oh well. It's just 'til about seven. Then come pajamas and a nice warm bed.

Urrgh... sick... Blargh.
I hate being sick. It sucks. I always feel like I'm the gazelle the lions are going to pick off and eat because I'm too busy feeling ucky to run away.
... Does that sound as stupid as I think it does? Hrm.
Stupid stomach, participating in acrobatics when I did NOT give it any sort of permission to do so.
Bad stomach. BAD. No cookie.
Definitely no cookie. *turns green*

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