The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

What I'll wear tomorrow... (so... bored...)

the usual bra-n-underwear goodness...
fishnets.. (shirt as well as stockings)
that weird black two-layer slipdress-thing I've had for a couple years... 's cool.
black tank top
my skirt that I altered so the slits go all the way up (so the black dress is beneath it)
my black boots
a chain-thing my brother gave me that I use as a bracelet
my black jacket (because I want to hide in it and it will allow me to do so. Chances are, my mother won't let me out of the house in it. I shall hide it in my backpack.

And hair... hmm... I have a few ideas for ponytail interestingness. I'll see once I get up, how much time I have. I may just divide it into four sectons, twist it, and clip it up, that's pretty easy.

As for makeup... (yeah, I'm actually wearing makeup the first day. *snicker* I figure, since i'll prolly only wear it one day out of the year anyway, might as well make a strong first impression)
I almost never wear it, but I've been told I have a good eye for it. I'll probably do the same as I did for the art show - since I'm wearing a similar outfit (the top skirt I'm wearing has pale blue-gray flowers and faded gray-green leaves),I think I'll attempt the same theme of black and green... sort of a death/life theme, if you want to really dig deep into the reasons behind my color selections. I have a jade green eyeliner, combined with some black, some mascara, some dark brownish purple lipstick (sounds yucky, looks good), and some body glitter paint - I'll paint the vine under my eye again. I like that vine. And I'll add some glitter to my eyelids while I'm at it. The stuff will NEVER come off, but the effect is nice. It'll be worth it. And I'll have to let Nicole take pictures (she always has a camera) so you lovely people can finally see what I look like when I put some effort into my appearance. *snicker* Oh yeah, and I'll have the usual black nails. Where'd I put that nail polish...

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