The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Have you ever tasted the fabulous flat fruit that grows on the tropical island of Stretch? It's terrifically tangy, chewy, and sweet. The absolute favorite of flat monkeys everywhere.

Yeah. Says my Fruit Leather, which I contemplated eating for lunch but in the end did not consume. So it sits in my pocket. 40 calories less for Jenni, I suppose. Meh. Maybe Tish will want it - I did not get her a sandwich because I thought I would not be picking her up. I'll get her some food before I drop her off at her house later.
Sectionals after school today. Don't wanna. But I gotta. My computer didn't have enough memory left to run IE or Netscape after running Flash for several periods straight in Multi-Media, so there was no way for me to tell Tish. Then my Networking teacher would not shut up (he was reading off the online curriculum, for the love of pigeons. The same curriculum he then released us to the computers to go look at. WHY?) so I suppose she's just going to have to sit around while we squeak like demented beasts during mating season (our clarinet section is... eh... not something to be proud of).

How am I doing? I've been asked that repeatedly (then I learned my lesson and switched to an AIM screen name no one knows because while I am nosy enough to want to know who is online, I do not wish to speak to people).
Physically: fine, I suppose. I'm pretty certain I'm almost at my Valentine's weight goal, if I've not made it already. I shall weigh tomorrow and see. (Michael knows this goal, no one else does. Nyah.) I am very much awake, though my eyes feel constantly irritated, like I've been crying. I hate crying and the like, so this bothers me to no end. (madplanet shares my mind in this post)
Emotionally: I switched that part of my brain off. I feel nothing. Life is much, much easier that way. I think I prefer it.
Mentally: Same as always. (dumb as a brick, but at least I'm aware enough to realize it)
Artistically: The block is still there in that I can't seem to really draw anything, but at least the creative drive has (partially) returned.
Socially: people suck. Mainly people my age. Hanging around the common male in my networking class makes me appreciate neonid all the more. How I love him and his oft-disturbing intelligence and maturity. How thankful I am that he is not 'normal'.
Because then I would have to shoot him.

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