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Food, food, food. Or something.

My car has bags 'o food for Tish.
Now, Tish, I know you won't see this for a bit, but I was wondering what sort of fruits 'n such you enjoy. o.o I never know what to get. And I know you aren't getting proper fruit and veggie goodness. Nor meat, but meat is a bit more difficult for me to get to you. I need to steal an igloo-cooler thing from our garage and keep it in my car, I really do...
Randalls and I think Whole Foods has sushi. I shall look into that. Maybe start getting you stuff besides just a generic sandwich for lunch every now and then. Mmm, sushi. Yeah.
I saw my English teacher at Randalls during lunch when I went to look for Tish-food. That was odd.

... Strange.
Somewhere along the line, It would appear I pretty much became a vegetarian. How in hell did that happen....? e.O

In other news, I am about .75 lbs from my Valentine's weight goal. Given how much I stuffed mah face over the weekend, this is an achievement. Go me.

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