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I blame Kelsey...

but I crave sushi.
Damn you, Kelsey, and your pictures of tasty sushi scattered all over my 'friends' page...


In other news, took Tish to assorted stores and bought her food. Enough that I should be able to put together some semblance of a lunch for her and at least give her a snack and some ramen or soup or something for dinner for a week or two. (we decided the best method would me to get the food to her on a daily basis; since if it's at her house someone will consume it)
So yeah. All sorts of good. Got her crackers, some fruit goodness, and basically anything else that will keep in a pantry. Tried to get more nutritional stuff (I can get her McDonalds and such every now and then but living off of mostly fast food is.. yick. that is all I can say about it.)
So yeah.
got her some sushi from Randalls (the Whole Foods nearest us did not have it. I shall try at Seekers another time, since it's about as close as Randalls and sells mainly natural and organic stuff. Who knows, might be tastier) which Tish enjoyed muchly, It sits now in our fridge and she will have some tomorrow for lunch as well. Since it is more than likely not a good idea to try to keep it longer than that, tomorrow I am going to have some and see if I can also get anyone in my family to consume what's left, and next time she wants it I'll obtain it.
Valentines. Yeep. Must obtain card for mother. (present is stashed in my room - I think. Oh dear lord, I hope I didn't just think I got her a present when really I didn't. GRAH.) I shall check later, and if I did not get her something, I shall go on a quick shopping trip during lunch tomorrow. I am a good shopper when it comes to presents for my mother, and it shouldn't take longer than half an hour, since I know where to look.

As far as the romantic aspect of Valentine's Day, including any and all romantic prospects goes... eh...
I'm trying really hard not to think about it.
Really, really hard.


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