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Alan's valentine of sorts: some camoflauge duct tape on my hand.
I feel special. And hidden. e.O

Our school delivered those damned carnations. People are walking around unable to see for holding so many shrubs. Turns out Nicole bought me two, with very silly messages. Since I did not tell her how much I dislike flowers from most people and how I am just NOT USED to receiving them (I think I got one carnation at some point in middle school from a girl who gave almsot everyone she knew a flower...) and dislike the whole idea, I am not angry with her. I just wish she'd NOT given me the flowers. I cannot explain it. I suppose I would much rather not be acknowledged at all on Valentine's. It makes everything so much easier. As often as I might whine 'oh, I'm all alone, wah wah wah', I seriously cannot stand attention like that in public. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. I'm not accustomed to it and past experience leads me to tend to think anything even remotely showy must be the other person making fun of me while their friends laugh somewhere unseen. Let this be a note to anyone stupid enough to date Jenni - I appreciate and to an extent thrive upon displays of affection in private. I do not ask for constant hand-holding, hugs, kisses, etc. in public. I will happily settle for my significant other doing something as simple as standing beside me. Beggars can't be choosers, y'know.

Nicole has the flowers now - she also got three or so of her own from different people, not sure who. I bought no flowers since I'm not here during lunch, and I figure Michael wouldn't really appreciate receiving shrubbery anyway. He has never indicated that he would, at any rate. Displays of affection from me tend to be met with the "deer in the headlights" look, rapidly followed by "run away!".
I finished inking the card (damn those roses. Only for Michael would I waste THAT MUCH time on shrubbery) but I will have to finish coloring it (watercolor pencils + computers = baaad things) during lunch or something. I shall scan at career center, which means I might be a bit late, Tish - also, my mom needs me to come straight home and do something-or-other, so you gotta go home too.

Must go get mommy-present. I have a few good ideas; it should take minimal time and still leave me enough to work on the card.

I have a hole in my stripey-socks. It's over my big toe on my left foot.
It is simultaneously amusing and irritating the hell out of me. *wiggles toes*

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