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Yay! *sigh* Yay! *snif* Yay! *SOB*

Yay! I have my computer back.
*sigh* must wait 'til tomorrow to install the drivers for scanner/printer/etc.
Yay! the tablet functions fine and Photoshop was installed easily
*snif* I have to re-download all my chat programs/transfer crap from this comp
Yay! I can once more FTP without a great hassle, so updates will once more be possible
Art I no longer even have the physical copy of. Art there WAS no physical copy of. Stories and poems I never posted anywhere. Old conversations with friends on AIM or ICQ. Webpage HTML code that I completely wrote out myself but never got around to putting online. Little notes to myself on FTP protocol.
When the computer died, it looked like we'd have to wipe the C:// drive. Fine. Annoying as all hell, but fine. All we'd really lose are old homework assignments and Nicole's music, almost all of which she has on CD, and the rest of which can be re-downloaded with time.
But MY drive, the D:// drive, looked like it would survive. So I didn't worry too much - it appeared to be totally unaffected, and while everything said it would wipe the C:// drive, there was no mention of harming or even acknowledging any other drives. Stupid being that I am, I assumed that about four years' worth of work (I had JUST finished taking all my art and writings and whatnot off this computer and putting them on the other one, and had not had time to make backup disks - we don't HAVE enough disks to make backups of all the art I had on it) would be safe and secure.
I come home one day to discover my uncle took the computer to the shop. All right then. I was slightly apprehensive, but willing to trust the people who are trained and paid to fix the thing.
I get my precious back a week late, and discover everything is gone.
This means I have to push the next update of ML back a week, which I HATE. GOD, HOW I HATE MISSING UPDATES!
I will spend this time meticulously copying and re-saving the source code for the pages and saving all the images, painstakingly rebuilding my stock images library that I had been using for skin tones and backgrounds (I had a set image for Makenzie's bathroom tile, carpet, etc.), and backing everything up twice. At least. I will also be hunting down all the images I have ever posted on any image hosting service online, as in many cases those are my only hope for regaining some form of the art. I get the feeling I will be re-scanning a lot of stuff and backing that up as well. I will be purchasing many, many zip disks.
But all the PSD files for ML are lost forever.

Four years accumulation of work and learning has been reduced to an empty 'My Documents' file. I have been deleted.

If I were the sort to cry, I would have broken down into many, many tears by now.
As is, I will drown my sorrows in Pepsi One and make with the Notepad coding.

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