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Hrm. Brief run-through of today's events:

Today was my sister's boyfriend's birthday party.
This was the plan:
- kidnap David at approximately 7:00 AM, w/handcuffs and blindfold.
- drive him around a while to utterly confuse him.
- go to 59 Diner at approximately 8:00 AM, remove blindfold, take him into the restaurant, and eat with a few friends
- have him back at his house by 10:00 AM for some sort of lesson.

These were the problems:
- David is a light sleeper
- David does not take well to handcuffs, nor to being blindfolded and kidnapped
- Nicole invited several people and told them to invite several people and just bring who they wished... meaning she had no idea of who would show up.
- 59 Diner is rather surprisingly crowded in the mornings
- Michael and I, who both attended... are not 'people' persons in the mornings.
- I wound up sitting next to Eric. The boy dies.
- Michael, afraid I would do serious damage to myself or others, took away my knife, leaving me to attack Eric with only a fork.
- Nicole and her friends are LOUD. Very, very LOUD

I feel sorry for the poor waitress. We left a pretty big tip, but still. Never doing that again.
Well, actually, I might kidnap Michael sometime (because he sleeps like the dead and will be a lot less likely to wake up before we get the blindfold and handcuffs on 'im), but I will make sure that involves no more than four people, total. Four quiet people.

Came home, slept for almost six hours, and now I think I'm going to go somewhere and try to get some work done. Maybe Starbucks or Deidrichs. Or somewhere.

In other news, I whine too much. Art, antisocialness, etc. Bitch, bitch, bitch, that's all I do. From now on, bitchy entries will either be protected, private, or carved into my flesh. At the very least, cut-tagged and with the comment feature removed. Henceforth, only happy entries, or entries lacking any and all emotional tone (i.e., basic statement of events)

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