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Well. Now I have to get used to using a tablet again. (no, it is NOT like using a pen. It is quite different and takes a bit of getting used to) It is not helping that my hands are extraordinarily shaky at the moment. Hrm. I shall try to mess with it later.
Came up with a simple new page design that should work out fine. I shall attempt to implement it soon.
I think I'll write out the ML scripts in Notepad. I will then translate them to thumbnail sketches. And from there I shall draw the individual panels as per usual. Works for me.

At the moment, I am indulging my font/winAMP skin addictions. I lost several hundred fonts and skins, and I miss my collections quite a bit. I love interesting fonts; I use them in pictures. And I just love collecting them. I'm strange like that. I also need to decide on a new font to use in ML, since the one I was using is no longer available ( no longer has Blambot Custom. Poo. Was a good font.)

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