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This assignment makes me look fat!

- Quote from Steven

Every time I begin to regain the tiniest shred of respect for Emily, I make the mistake of listening to what comes out of her mouth, which never fails to leave me thinking less of her than I did to start with. *sigh*

Hrm. Yes. Bitto was cranky. We had an hour-long homeroom today, and I stole his book (Helter Skelter, about Charles Manson and his grisly, horrible doings). Good book. But I got further in that hour (132 pages) than he did all day yesterday (109 pages). Apparently, there was once a reason for my being in honors classes, which now remains only in my reading speed.

Tish - Got you some food, including some stuff for you to snack on tomorrow and whatnot since I highly doubt I'm going to be available for the majority of this weekend. Nicole somehow roped me into taking her somewhere tonight, and with Claudina's chemo and such I'm not sure how often I absolutely have to be home to baby-sit. I'm really not even supposed to give rides after school today, so could I pick you up by Blockbuster and just take you home before going back to MHS? That looks like the only way I can get you the sammich and whatnot (looks like it'll be a warm sammich from Einstein Bros, since I gotta go by there anyway.)

I am so very cold. Last period all the guys insisted on keeping the air on 'high'. Now I sit beneath that mysical hidden Air Vent of Ininite Torture. I cannot feel my fingers...

Nicole took the watch back. Poo. I feel naked without a watch. *whimper* but my mom might be able to get a new battery for it while I'm at school, which would be wonderful. If not, I'll try to do that sometime this weekend. I hope.

Yup. I failed Networking. With a 49. Ouch. But that might actually be brought back up to passing once I point out that I actually did the missing Major Project, I just didn't put it in the proper folder (I iz stoopid). If not, I shall grovel and make webpages shamelssly.
Did a helluva lot better than I thought I did on that Hamlet essay from a month or so ago. 93. Not bad for something written on an entirely superficial level.

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