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The State of the Jenni Address...

Physical: I am cold. I am always cold in this class. Even when I have my big ugly jacket. Though it is rather threadbare, so I'm no longer very surprised that it does nothing. My stomach also feels ucky, so I have not eaten anything in a while. Meh. Shoulders are sore for reasons beyond my comprehension. And I am really tired. Odd because I have been getting more sleep than usual. Perhaps I am sick. Too bad. I will continue to come to school until I can no longer walk without falling over (and even that probably will not stop me; it has not in the past!).
Mental: Finished re-reading Frankenstein. Decently good book. A comic version would be immensely interesting. Much possibility there. Most of the time my thoughts are blank; I appear to have gotten my brain stuck on 'off'. I seem to be able to understand that normally my head would be full of strange and random things, but that it is currently empty and this is not as it should be. I am also beginning to wonder if I am losing my mind. Probably not. But I cannot help but wonder. Was it there to lose in the first place? Would I even be able to tell if I did lose it? Or would it happen so gradually that no one noticed? I wonder.
Emotional: Briefly revisiting the beginning of this year/end of last year concerning Michael and Emily's relationship as I write out the scripts for the revamped ML. Not a happy time. I will deal.
Artistic: Blah. I honestly have not felt like picking up a pencil to draw anything in weeks. Sometimes I feel I have to, so I sketch a thumbnail or do something like those portrait sketches of Makenzie and Karen. But the creative drive is completely gone. At this rate, I am beginning to wonder if it is a wise idea for me to attempt to continue the comic at all.
Misc: Must turn in job applications. MUST. Borders, Lane Bryant, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and Texas Art Supply. Need income. Need something to occupy myself with. I am hoping that the forced socialization as I deal with customers might be beneficial to me. Or it might kill me. We shall see.

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mrowr. Sexy. Yeah. I need to re-download "Closer" and "Ruiner" and the other NIN songs I lost with the hard drive death. I know there were at least three more but I don't remember which ones... Stupid horrible memory.

What Sex Toy Are You?


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