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Physical: walked a bit. Will do sit ups later. Just drank about a liter of water. Glug. I feel full and I do not like that, but I know it is only water and that I am going to go do more sit ups, so that makes me feel a little better. Whoops, there goes any positive self-image for the day. Claudina was channel-surfing and landed on the Miss USA competition. I will now go curl up in a corner and die. Or not. Meh.
Emotional: I miss Michael. I do. *sigh* Even the silly conversations with him were at least remotely intelligent. That is a rare thing. But I keep getting the feeling I am of no interest to him whatsoever. I am probably not. And I will not get the opportunity to find out unless he decides to reply here (unlikely) since I am a bit tired and will most likely go to bed soon.
Mental: I think too much. This is not a good thing. I am also trying to figure out the best possible work schedule. If Whole Foods (and my mother) would let me, I would work 5 hours a day four days a week and 8-10 hours on Sat. and Sun. Don't think they will, though. Much as I would love a 40 hour a week work schedule. No, that is not sarcasm. I love having a job and I enjoy working. I am also disturbingly nice and happy and polite and sociable when I am being paid for it. The money is also nice. Very nice.
Artistic: I want to draw. I want to draw very badly. I am beginning to wonder if the stylistic change in ML is kicking my ass. Because it is extremely different and much more difficult. Anime is much simpler for me. I have always been told, for some reason, that my art is more realistic than most anime. Perhaps that is because my female characters do not appear to be anorexic bimbos with breast implants. Not sure. But I suppose I am going to try to draw something. Do not wish me luck.
Misc: Whole Foods called back. I meet with another manager tomorrow at 9:30. Go me.
I think I have found my new theme song. (see current music. Then go search for the lyrics)


I Am A Small Purple Paramecium
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