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Jenni, as of.... NOW!

Job: Got back from interview. Kelsey is having issues with Whole Foods, but since nothing short of a total inability to function (which has happened maybe once in four years) will keep me from work, and I have no life and therefore no requirements for days off, I should be fine. I will also be encouraged to do the things that I was chastised for at my last job - helping out other employees once I've finished my own work and whatnot. Part of it was that there were usually only about six employees total in the store, so even if I was done with whatever I was doing, I shouldn't have gone to help another section of the store... but it still irked me. They will call today or tomorrow and I will probably come in Monday. I will be paid $7 an hour rather than $7.50, which I can understand. The store apparently wasn't doing well last year and right now they are trying to build a new front team (cashiers and baggers) in hopes that the new people will help productivity a bit. Apparently I am a good candidate for this. Go me. And $7 is still $0.75 more an hour than I got at Texas Art. I'll take it.
Physical: I lost weight while on my period. Someone cue the Twilight Zone theme. That ain't normal. But anyway. Aunt is leaving today so I should be walking a lot more. Also, what with the sacking of groceries and helping people carry them to their cars, might be getting a bit more exercise that way.
Mental: Could be better, could be worse. Meh.
Emotional: I still miss Michael. I am wondering if that will ever change. College will be painful if it does not.
Creative: I have to call Dr. Haber and give her back her books on clothing design and such. I really want to schedule some time to work with her (sewing) and she still has my fabric for a dress that will not be made just yet since I have lost weight since we took the measurements and will hopefully lose a lot more. So it makes no sense to make a dress right now. I also drew a picture, a quick sketch of Andy from Second Arrival, while waiting for the guy to interview me at Whole Foods. It's not very good and I really don't like it much, and the style is lacking, but at least it's a picture. Hrm. Also located my ULEAD GIF animator software and installed it real quick-like on the good computer last night. So now I can make moving things. Whee. I also feel like baking cookies. Nicole is with me on this since her boyfriend is sick. Also, Michael's mom has this habit of working all the time. We live by the school and see her car at all hours. That woman works too hard. We shall bring her cookies as well if she is there. I want to add random things to the cookies, like peppermint bits and cinnamon. I'm weird and like to experiment with almost any recipe I am given. Usually turns out tasty.

Oh look, its our friend "Pasta Alfredo". Usually to be found in Restaurants, some actually do choose to bring you home and
do you there, You're cheaper that way! You are very high class, and fond of your heritage. "Easy Mac" is your bitter rival...

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Further proof that Jenni is Delicious (three cats, two hamsters, five dogs, and four people can't all be wrong.)

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You enjoy structure and work best when you can devote your attention to one task at a time. You also work well with abstract ideas and can visualize theoretical situations.

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I am constantly being told by these quizzes that I am just like Tori Amos. I am going to have to go download some of her music.

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