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Now for the Morning Ramblings...

Lovely. I have to make a website in Flash.
read: Teacher taught us nothing, handed out packets on how to do motion tweening (which the majority of us could have figured out on our own anyway) and so now we teach ourselves how to make websites. This should be interesting. The design for my site is very, very simple. Good. I don't particularly feel like actually doing anything connected with design or art at the moment.

I am cold despite my layers of baggy clothing and tired, as always. As Whole Foods has not yet called, Tish, I will be able to pick you up. What hospital is Zach in? Maybe I can join you in the visiting sometime.
Damn. Wish I were 18. Then could set up a cafepress and paypal account. Use them to collect money for the Tish's Car Fund. As is, I might try to get my parents to help out with that... They have been talking about me getting a credit card and once/if that happens, I will set up the accounts.

In Random News, I rather want a straightjacket. Hrm. Not sure why.

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