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Alan finally told us his Pink Elephant story - which I would type up except that it has to be told complete with facial expressions and extravagant hand motions. I will tell it someday to those of you I see in real life, but it takes about half an hour, possibly longer depending on how detailed it gets. Anywhom, it was great. So pointless. Like my brother's Tuesday joke, which I believe only Tish and Michael have heard. They will admit, I am sure, that it is greatly amusing in its pointlessness. I will have to re-record it and put it on the 'net somewhere for you all to giggle over.
Someday I will get a picture of myself, Nicole, and Gabriel all lined up or clustered, making The Face. The Face is at once the most frightening and the funniest expression you can imagine. The Face will r0xx0r your b0xx0rs, regardless of whether you have them or not. I will make The Face my user icon if I can get them both to sit still for a picture and whoever takes the thing isn't laughing too hard. I crack up just thinking about The Face. I am not very good at it, Nicole is better, but Gabriel is the Master of The Face. No one can withstand my brother making The Face.
I will stop talking about The Face now... No, really, I will.

Whoa. Mom gave me lunch money. Usually she forgets (which is fine since I go home at lunch to get Tish's food anyway, so if I want something, I get it there). I save for a later date. *pockets* I so sneaky. Will probably put it in Tish's car fund. I have a little jar in which I place all my change. Will probably go towards Tish's car. I think there's maybe$30 in there now, which is good.
Tish, you remember, no picking up today due to sectionals.
Rgh. Sectionals. They frighten me. This is not a year of glory for the clarinet section - some of our third clarinets... well... let's say they are proof that mankind has utterly discarded any form of natural selection and leave it at that, mkay? They're sweet girls (there is only one guy in our band's clarinet section), but not that bright and they have a lot of trouble with the music. Most of the sectionals are spent working with them, making the entire process utterly mind-numbing for everyone else. I think I played for about three minutes, total, at the last one and I am looking forward to practicing sleeping with my eyes open at this one.
Now to homeroom to do my sadly neglected English homework. I really ought to have done that last night when I was sitting about with nothing else to do, but I am lazy and thoroughly enjoying the fact that I could do it today during homeroom.

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