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What would you use to write underwater? Alan and I were discussing it several days ago. You'd need a special pen. Or you could write with a squid! But the ink would just dissipate into the water, so we determined that if you fed the squid a special pulpy sugary substance to make the ink adhesive, it might work. Then I mentioned that it was like in the Flinstones, where each animal served a particular purpose as a common household item, and usually complained about it. Then in a martyred voice, I groaned:
"They feed me sugar and then they squeeze me..."
We cracked up.
Heheh. Squid. Funny creatures.

Now it's getting annoying. If I put anything in my pockets, the weight will cause these pants to literally slide right off my hips. Not a good thing in the sense that no one wants to see Jenni without pants, but a good thing in the sense that it means I have lost weight. Hrm.
My mother wants me to clear out my closet and get rid of anything that's too big. That will leave me with approximately two tank tops, three T-shirts, and two pairs of pants. One tank top and probably all three shirts are Nicole's. As I prefer to cover myself, I will keep my baggy clothing, thankyouverymuch. I'm not even going to get into the fact that I only own one bra that actually fits... yeeah. Never a good thing. At least my shoes are nice and trustworthy. All three (four? I found my sneakers) pair of them. Though my mother has had it in for my sneakers for over a year now (I've had them since 6th grade or so - even then I had large feet) and I'm starting to think she'll eventually toss them out when I'm not looking... I am such a slob and a complete pack rat. I love clothing and weird or interesting designs and I will hang on to them until they literally cannot be worn anymore. I like tattered things. Holes do not bother me. The clothing being too big does not bother me. I really don't care what I look like lately. I look like a fat slob; great, I am a fat slob. I want to goth up for a day, so be it. I want to wear three or four shirts because I am friggin' cold, and I will. I will go entire weeks wearing men's clothing because it's simply more sensible than the nonsense designers try to pass off as women's fashions. God help any guy I should ever live with; odds are I'd be wearing his clothes most of the time. (though he'd have to be long-legged and tall. Hmm... Michael would do... I think we actually wear the same size now. Not sure. *ponders*)
And when I do manage to lose some more weight, I will probably dress like a complete whore every now and then. So what? I love lingerie. I love lace and corsets and fishnet. I love all of that stuff and I will wear it. I love stripey tights and once I get some I'll be stealing Nicole's short skirts to wear them with because I can. I love buckles, chains, spikes, collars, rings, chain mail, straps, etc. Once it gets to the point that I do not wear a different clothing size each month I will alter any clothes I have to look weird. And I will revel in it. Indeed.

... I am thinking the girl next to me is not the brightest creature. After four weeks of working in Flash, she still has not been able to grasp the concept of a motion tween and is doing her animations (which consist of text sliding across the screen) frame-by-frame. Hrm. Torn between telling her and letting her wallow in her own ignorance. Leaning towards letting her wallow, since during the music unit she did not once bother to bring a CD and instead leeched off of me each time. That and judging by the sense she has demonstrated previously this year, I doubt she'd understand if I did try to help. Meh. She seems to be getting the results she wants, so I'll leave her alone.

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