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Employment: They did not call yesterday, to my knowledge. I could be wrong, since no one in my family ever relays phone messages. But I will call them this afternoon and make them my bitches. Uh, I mean, arrange times to come in. Yeah.
Physical: My leg hurts; I'm fairly certain I pulled a muscle at some point two days ago or so. Eh. I'll walk it off eventually. Always do. I also have a headache - the usual side effect of band, which has lead me to believe that I am allergic to stupidity. My arms and legs are dry and itchy (dry skin is a side effect of the fact that I eat pretty much literally no fat, ever. Didn't mean to, it just happened. So sue me.) and I think I will see if we have any baby oil anywhere, since that might help. Lotion does nothing.
Clothing: If I owned stripey tights, I would be a pirate today. Arrrrr. Wearing a shirt of Nicole's that she doesn't like much (and thus does not mind me stealing) with a simple fabric ruffle at the sleeves and along the sides where it buttons down in front. It's plain pale linen. I like it muchly - though it's shorter than most shirts I wear (I'm fond of long shirts/tunics). Also, a very full tan skirt, black tights, and these victorian-looking shoes. Hair is down. Oh yes - and a bracelet that used to be my abuelita's. It's beautiful, silver and jade. And, as always, my handcuff key on a chain.
Mental: People (mostly seniors) were getting into such a frenzy over the fact that the dress code will actually be enforced starting after Spring Break. So you can't wear flip-flops and short shorts, girls have to wear a bra, and tank tops are outlawed. So what? Three more months of your lives, kiddies, and then you are through with it and can wear what you like. Wear what you want on the weekends. I don't even own a pair of flip-flops. the only short shorts I have are actually Nicole's. I intend to wear guy's shorts. Much easier to deal with, heat doesn't bug me (hell, I wore my jackets all last summer) and more pockets to hide stuff in. Works for me. But people actually think they will get the principal to back down after he's made this huge issue over the dress code. He won't if he has a working brain cell in his head. If he gets lax on that, he will lose all control over the already scarcely-above-anarchists who make up the more vocal part of my grade. Fools, the lot of them.
Emotional: Blah blah, I miss Michael, but since I'm rarely online at night anymore I guess it's my own damn fault. Arora stopped me in the hall to tell me it looked like I'd lost a bit of weight. Go me.
Grr. This class is annoying me with it's inane projects and illogical curriculum.
Creative: Have a few ideas for the new ML site. Want to get that over and done with so I can move on. Drew a picture of Jared a few days ago that I am decently satisfied with. The hardest part is inking, since my style tends to be more sketchy and shaded of late. Changing it to plain lineart for computer coloring is a pain, but a necessary evil. I am also peeved because many kind people sent me fan or guest art that I have lost with my computer death. That irks me.


Hope you know how to skank, 'cause you're Less Than Jake! You're a funloving kind of person, and social norms never intimidate you! You just let loose and party, so strap those combat boots on and head down to a ska club!
So which BAND are YOU?

Nicole would be so proud of me.
And the lyrics are from their cover of "I think I love you".
And it's her fault I know that. Damn it, Nicole...

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