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Employment: Damn it, WFM. I will call today. No one in my family relays phone messages - ever - and I tend to be upstairs, either asleep or just messing around, until about 11:00 at night or so. I usually can't hear the phone ring, and when I can, I cannot get to it in time. Grr. Must call them back again. Something is wonky here. But I need the cash.
Physical: Leg is no longer killing me, which is good. But stupid me; my lower lip was chapped and instead of putting some lip gloss on it and leaving it alone, I chewed on it (I gnaw on everything. Pencils, pens, necklaces, people...) and now it hurts. My own fault.
Clothing: Nothing special. Soft gray oversized tunic, black jeans, sandals. Handcuff key on chain, watch, hair is up in a bun.
Mental: Chose topics for our senior research papers today in English - we're researching poets. I had really hoped to get Poe, but two people had already signed up for him. When the teacher said she'd allow more than that, by the time I could get to the sheet, two more had signed up. So no Poe for me, which is a shame, because I love his works. He's not just creepy stuff - he wrote some beautiful love poems. I have a big collection of his works in my room that I've read several times over. I chose William Blake, who sounds somewhat interesting. No one else was researching him yet.
Emotional: My family might be leaving over Spring Break. I will not be. That is a prospect I enjoy very much. Solitude for several days. Mmmm, goodness. Plus, hopefully by then I will be working.
Creative: This assignment is effectively killing off any creative impulses I might have had. That aside, I want to finish the ML page. And I want my tablet to fucking work again. Damn it. It's like coloring with a mouse, only more frustrating. Argh. Coloring ML will be a bitch and a half. Maybe three quarters.
Misc: This class (Multi-media) is annoying me beyond all comprehension. It is worthless. Utterly and completely worthless. I have learned nothing this year that I more than likely could not have learned in about two hours time spent simply playing with the programs we have used.
Wow. vebelfetzer is fucking gorgeous.
Hrm. I wonder. A Keenspace dropdown for comics featuring self-injuring characters. CutSpace? I dunno. Probably have to extend the criteria to cutters, ED, severe depression and/or suicidal tendencies, etc.... Might be interesting. All the depressed/'serious' comics on one dropdown 'o goodness. Hrm. Will look into that. (If you think about it hard enough, that might have been a spoiler. Shhhhh.)
Quizzage: I have no quizzes for you today. Hrm.

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