The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Job: Been dropping off/submitting applications all day. Rgh. Must go drop off another today at 6:00, and one more tomorrow at 3:00. Then I await call-backs.
Physical: My hair is really dry and that aggravates me. It took half an hour to brush. Grr. My neck is also quite sore, I think I slept weird.
Mental: If I have to fill out just one more list of personal references, so help me god... *twitch* that, and I've got a recipe I want to make in my head. But I can't. Because my family craves meat. (I'm an accidental vegetarian - it just kind of happened) Curses. Also thinking of possible jobs for Tish.
Emotional: Uh. I miss you, and I worry about you. Not for any particular reason. It's what mommies do. I suppose. Yeah.
And I've taken to hissing at the phone again. Oh goody. Damned humans.
Creative: There's that recipe. Want to cook. (I love cooking. It's fun) Anyone want to come over and be fed Jenni's experiments? I'm told they're usually pretty good... Also still working on my room. Just have to arrange everything, since most of the junk is cleared out now. (junk = years worth of clothing that is now way too big.)
Misc: Tish, it's looking like it'd be best if you just got a fast-food job, for a little while. Might not pay much, but it'd give you enough to at least be able to buy some food and basic stuff like that when you wanted it. Also, was wondering if you could come over here tomorrow and just hang around during the day (and be fed 'til you pop, you know the drill). Have a suggestion/surprise for you.
Also: Nicole is on CRACK.
Quizzage: LJ and/or my connection is being a poo and won't let me see my friend's list. Curses. Foiled again. No quizzes.

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