The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
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Job: *grumble, bitch, moan* A lot of restaurants along Westheimer are looking for waitstaff. There's gotta be someplace I can work. I would make a decent waitress, I should think. I will look after school is done and ML has been worked on.
Physical: nibbled on some beef jerky at lunch. Stomach is cranky with me for that... Screw you, stomach. Screw you. (You know I'm PMSing when I start cursing at random vital organs. Fuck the pancreas.) Bit of a headache, but it'll pass. I've already drunk all my water (2 liters) today and will probably drink another liter before I go to bed. Yeesh. I am thirsty today...
Mental: Must make web sites. Got stuff for Networking that needs to be done TONIGHT. No excuses. I will not be online until it is completed, at least not unless I desperately need a HTML or CSS tutorial. Even when I am done, whether or not I will be visibly online is debatable.
Emotional: Mood swings are not my friend. Damn it. There are few things more annoying than simultaneously needing a hug and not wanting any human being to come within five feet of you. *hiss*
Creative: Makin' web sites. Lots of web sites. And I will probably finish the other disturbing picture tonight. Maybe. We'll see. It requires more... work than the one from last night. I also really want to get my tablet fixed, somehow. Tish knows what I mean - there's no control with it, no precision at all. It's going to be damned near impossible to do anything decent for ML with it the way it is.
Misc: Greg said at some point that he wanted to know who I was. I think it might scare him. Scares me, sometimes. Hrm.

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