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Comp trouble

This is really, really annoying.
Problem #1:
Major lagging, particularly when Photoshop is running. And have you ever tried to color something with a tablet, much less actually draw with one when nothing you do shows up until a good 30 seconds to a minute later? Yeah. I usually watch the monitor to see where my pen is going. But that doesn't work when it freezes every fucking time I move the pen.
Problem #2:
Random freezes and shutting down. I do not know why. Some days it just decides it does not like certain programs.
Problem #3:
Zip drive being a bitch. This would ordinarily not be a problem... except for the fact that I am trying to back up all my old artwork onto these zip disks because this eccentric behavior on the part of my computer is making me very nervous. This is impossible if the computer freezes and shuts down whenever I attempt to access that drive.
Problem #4:
This is really not my computer's fault, I just thought I should mention that my connection is crappy enough that it's not even worth trying to download music.

Possible Cause #1: Lack of memory or disk space
You're kidding, right? This baby just got wiped totally clean, as I believe I have bitched about repeatedly. With a 1.3 GHz processor and 128 MB of RDRAM, there is absolutely no reason why it should not be able to fun Photoshop smoothly, especially since I normally shut down most or all other programs when I am working. There are 60 gigs of hard disk space on this computer - I think about six are being used. Maybe.
Possible Cause #2: Unnecessary programs or downloads clogging things up
I have gone through and uninstalled and deleted everything and anything that is not used often.
Possible Cause #3: Some sort of virus is making the computer do strange things
After repeatedly scanning, defragging, scanning again, defragging again, and then scanning thrice just to be certain... If it is some sort of nasty little program, it's a really damned sneaky one.
Possible Cause #4: Demonic Possession
This is starting to seem most likely.

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