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This will doubtless be updated as the day progresses...

Physical: I feel sick. Ugh. Blech. Got very little sleep, been awake since 4. Goal for today is to get through school without throwing up. Or dying. Yeah. That too.
And of course, so very cold. It's getting to be 80 degrees and warmer outside. Jacket weather. Some of you may think this makes no sense - shouldn't the jacket be reserved for colder, wintery weather?
Wrong-O. I spend my day indoors. My warm-blooded classmates demand the AC to be on full blast in order to be comfortable. I, with my habit of sitting in corners, freeze to death unless I am wearing multiple layers. So during the summery-spring that constitutes the month of March and during the hellish blaze that makes up April and May, I wear pants, multiple shirts, and my jackets. I get some weird looks, but at least I am reasonably comfortable most of the time.
Mental: I didn't finish my outline for my senior research. Whoopsies. I cannot really bring myself to care all that much... Didn't finish the logo for my Networking project, either. No great loss, though.
Emotional: *incoherent muttering*
Creative: Makenzie's Locker is officially over. This afternoon I delete my Elfwood galleries. Then I suppose I am officially dead. Great.
Misc: Me not having a car is really inconviniencing my mom more than anyone else. She's gotta run all her own errands now... I'm gonna have to lurk by Greg and John and Drew so I can figure out which bus to go on to and from the career center. And give Drew back his god-forsaken Lain CDs, since it appears that my computer will never, ever permit me to do anything. Fuck you too, computer.

This is the actual intercourse between myself and that cursed chunk of machinery:
Computer: *freeze* *clikclikclikclik* *freeze* *ch-chunk* *lag* *shut down*
Jenni: NO! DAMN IT! I hate you! I hope you die! *cursing*
Computer: *promptly makes as if to die, taking everything I have left with it*
Jenni: *high-pitched girly scream - I am secretly a soprano* I didn't mean it! Come back! I need you!
Computer: *slowly reboots, appears to be functioning*
Jenni: *attempts to back up files*
Computer: *freeze* *clikclikclkclik* *freeze* *ch-chunk* *lag*
[repeat ad nauseum. Literally, until you throw up. Or I do. Whatever.]

Oh, lovely. My multi-media teacher just handed out the exact same packet that my webmastering teacher gave us a month ago. I have copied the files from the first time I did it onto my folder. I refuse to do this again.
The packet is for Flash 5 tutorials.
We have Flash 4.
Now I have to sit here and shiver and look busy for a week or so.

Oh yes, and happy birthday, demonikgurl22.

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