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Oh yeah, the computer. That thing what causes mild psychosis... or cures it... one of those. Yeah.

Physical: Mrf. Cramps suck. At least PMS has faded into a headachey oblivion. I am also quite full of water at the moment, as I am currently consuming my fourth liter for the day and will probably put away another one before bed. Marvel! for I am truly a sponge. Or something. Yeah. Maybe I just like my water. *glug*
Clothing: Nicole's Llama shirt (it's grayish blue - crayon color would be 'cadet blue' - and long sleeved with a white llama on the font. And a llama and the word: "LLAMA" on the back in white), short black skirt, gray tights, black oxford-type shoes from WalMart. Viva Wal-Mart. Handcuff key necklace, hair is up, and I'm actually wearing a little makeup - just some eye stuff the same color as the shirt because I could, and earlier a little lipstick.
Mental: Got my UT rejection letter. Since my parents really want me to go to UT, I'll probably do the program offered to me - a year at UT San Antonio (or one of four other schools; I'd prefer San Antonio. I am a city girl), then if I keep a 3.0 GPA and get 30 hours on that campus, guaranteed admission to UT Austin my sophomore year. Sounds fine to me. School is school, location is pretty much irrelevant other than that I demand to be in a city that is large enough to have computer, comic, and strange clothing stores. And it's easier to hide in large cities. No one notices one more face.
Emotional: Mrf. Flicked switch to 'off'. Will keep it that way; makes everything easier to deal with. I'm too lazy to put in effort. I do miss Michael horribly and terribly, but I am doing my damndest not to think about it. Damn, just thought about it. Doh! *attempts to distract self by browsing the web aimlessly*
Creative: Hrm. I like the layout of this page. I really do. Hrm. Oh yeah. My school's web site finally implemented the design I made. Every year, the Webmastering students make and vote on designs for the site. They picked mine for the main page and a combination of mine and another guy's for the template for the other pages this year.
Hot Topic did not inspire me at all, which disappointed me greatly. Normally I go in there and go "Hrm. I can do better". Then I go home and draw more creative clothing or more interesting hair or jewelry, or maybe doodle some super-Goth making fun of themselves because that amuses me to no end. ['wait... arnt u goth?' Bite me. And then define 'Goth'...]
But there is nothing.
Social: Kelsey and Summer came by. Summer cursed me thoroughly for being rich (I would have suggested she blame my father, but he was comatose at the time. He usually is when he's home), and she scarred Chase for life. Was a lovely thing. Just wish she'd gone after Eric... We went to pick up Tish and then roamed around Hot Topic. Tish got some red and black stripey stockings that I envy muchly (someday. right now I have white and black) that will most likely cause Greg, John, and Drew to absolutely wet themselves when they see her in 'em. She almost never wears short skirts or anything that shows off her figure, which is a shame because she is secretly very pretty.
I am thinking Michael is probably visiting relatives out of town for the Easter holiday, and I know Greg and John are in Galveston. So I have no one to bother late late (read: about 2 to 5 AM time period) at night. Oh well. Not feeling that social anyway.
Misc: This amuses me to no end. But not quite as good as the Dragonball Z/GT action-figure silliness on the Temple of Trunks that I used to have bookmarked. Yes, I hate Dragonball of any variety. But this was SO DAMNED FUNNY. I could not stop laughing.
Quizzage: There seems to be a distinct lack of decent quizzes that I've not yet taken. There is a distinct lack of stupid quizzes I've not yet taken. What gives, people? Someone make an interesting quiz. Now. I demand it.

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