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Art quizzy shamelessly stolen from silverbird94

1) What sort of art do you draw?
Anime, usually. Occasionally leans towards being more realistic or American-comicky, but generally just anime.

2) How many characters have you created?
There are hundreds. Quite literally. I tend to have large casts (around 20 or more) in the comics because I love creating people. And since there are over 20 comics... you do the math.

3) How many characters have you created that are supposed to represent yourself?
Oh lord. One or two are me quite blatantly, and almost all of them incorporate aspects of my personality.

4) What are their names?
Deva, one of my old, old (four years ago, she was written) chars... she was me. In the first draft of her story, I just put myself in there. Makenzie was very much me... Chris behaves a lot like me most of the time; and if I looked like that, I'd be wearing the same stuff. Heh. Dana, a recent addition, is something like me. Many of my characters are me in "what if" situations.

5) Out of all your characters, which is your favorite?:
Favorite? Oh lord. Define 'Favorite'. I love to torment Kenji and Chris. Jesse I think I'd like to hang out with. Toby, Jared, or Kiem I'd probably date. It varies a lot depending on my mood, though.

6) Do any of your friends have characters of their own?:
Most of them do.

7) Which of your friends has (in your opinion) the best designed/best characterized persona for themselves?
Dear lord. I have no idea. Sometimes I think Greg is one of his own characters. Tish lives through hers. Michael can lose himself in his. Hrm.

8) Out of all of your friends' characters, which one do you think is the hottest?:
Kaen. Rrrowr. Or Div. And Greg's character Calvin who resembles a gothicky muppet just rocks my pants simply because he resembles a gothicky muppet.

9) If you had to make one of your friends into their persona character, who would it be and why?:
Michael would be Kaen. And I would shag him silly. (so I have a thing for pointy ears/teeth... shush) Hmm. Really though... Maybe make Greg into Mark. I seem to recall him saying that Mark was like what he wanted to be.

10) What medium do you find the easiest to use?:
Depends on my mood. Some days markers work fantastic. Sometimes it's gotta be computer colored.

11) Have you ever/can you color with a paint program?:

12) What real media do you prefer?:
Are we being a wee bit redundant? Hrm. Pen. Black and white stuff. Love it.

13) Would you rather color with markers, pencils, or a paint program?:
Depends entirely on the picture.

14) Does it bug you when other people watch you draw?:
Yes. Oh god, yes. I want to shoot them. Make them go away!

15) Name one medium that you'd like to master:
All. Then I will be unstoppable. [Insert Evil Laugh Here]

16) What medium do you think you are the best at right now?:
I dunno. I'm kinda rusty at all of 'em.

17) Who's your hero artist?:
Elena de Grimani. Look at her work. *orgasm* It's that damned good. And Terry Moore. Bill Watterson. The list goes on and on and on...

18) Who's drawn you the most pictures?:
Not sure. Possibly Rachel.

19) If you could draw one picture and have it become the most famous picture in the world what would it be of?:
Um. Not sure.

20) How many of your friends think you're crazy when you tell them about your characters?:
They usually don't start worrying about my mental health until I mention what particular similarities I have with the characters. That has this habit of making some of them nervous.

21) Do you love you?:
*snork* I should be shot.

22) Fireworks or firecrackers?:
Fireworks 4 ... oh, wait. You weren't talking about computer programs, were you? Oops.

23) Was this an adequate time waster?:
I've seen better.

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