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I am going to be pompous and self-absorbed and talk to myself now, for I cannot sleep.

I have made myself a CD to listen to. Now if only I could figure out where my Discman went. I know I had one at some point; then Nicole borrowed it, then Gabriel took it, and I have not seen it much since. Hrm.

This song is sexy. I love Darren Hayes' voice. (he's the guy from Savage Garden. Nicole, feel free to shut up about my tastes in music before you even start...)

... Whoever the contributing artists were to these 'How to Draw Manga' books... They need to be shot. Preferably mortally wounded. This is shit! Oh dear lord, no wonder there are so many half-assed artists out there who think they're manga gods even though they don't even grasp the fundamentals. Someone got me this book at some point. You have all heard the 'I suck' rants that I give, I have been told they rival Piro's for whiny 'Oh-I-should-be-shot'-ness. Well, I looked through this and went : "Wow. They suck worse than I do!".
Yeah. The art in parts of this thing is that bad. All these books are doing is contributing to the unimaginative carbon-copy manga styles out there. I don't want to think about how many times I've seen posts on message boards and places like DeviantArt and Elfwood that are nothing but a slightly tweaked (sometimes not even that!) drawing ripped right out of these god-forsaken books. I have yet to see any sort of how-to-draw book that leaves room open for creativity... This book, if followed, will create yet another wannabe mangaka with a style indistinguishable from thousands of others, following the exact same manga stereotypes (BESM, anyone?) that we've all grown sick of.
Responses consisting of 'But all manga styles look alike anyway" will be flamed up the ass for as long as I can drag it out. No, they do not. After only a very short time of being exposed to manga-style artwork, I could discern that. I have no patience with those who make rapid-fire judgments like that after seeing Sailor Moon and Pokemon once or twice and not taking the time to notice the (numerous) style differences.
That, and I feel kind of bitchy to start with anyway. *hiss*
And what do you have to distinguish yourself from these so-called 'wannabe mangakas'? A dead comic and the same-old same-old stories that float around your head but never make it to the paper?
Shut up. As much as I may despise my own work, I am still fully capable of discerning quality in the output of others. The saddest thing I ever saw was an incredibly talented artist on Elfwood... who did nothing but fanart. All they were capable of was copying the works of others. Yes, they did it beautifully... but there was no creativity behind it and it made me ill to look at it. What a waste. What a sad, sad waste.
I drew some GW fanart a long time back at the request of some mailing list friends. Ugh. Never again. It felt far too strange taking someone else's hard work and trying to bend it to my own will. I reserve non-character drawings, generally, to gift art for those whose work I admire and whom I respect.
Of course, you don't draw anymore...
Yeah. I know. There's no need to remind me.
Didn't you try earlier?
And wasn't it pathetic? What happened to that?
The first one I shredded, the other I erased.
... Go away.

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