The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
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Snuck onto dad's computer again...

Curse you, Concentric. I want you to suffer horribly. Or at least provide much, much better service. Either/or. Preferably both.
Well. Hrm. Yes then.
I write this in Notepad for want of LiveJournal. Wheee.
Still have done nothing on Senior Research. Go me. I will be up all night. Must go out and buy diet sodas, which will allow me to be up all night. Mmmmmm, Pepsi One, my sweet, sweet caffeinated savior. *ahem* yes.
My sketchbook is nearly totally blackened. If you give a Jenni a Sharpie...

Hopefully the fact that it seems Concentric is basically dead tonight will allow me to get some work done. If nothing else I can produce an outline and a few paragraphs. I can BS like none other when the need arises. So yeah.

Oh yeah, and I actually drew something. Not entirely certain if it is the result of listening to Darren Hayes' "Insatiable" one too many times (I've had it looped on Winamp for about four hours...) or if I just really need to get laid.
Maybe both. Damned subconscious...
Oh, the drugs. SO MUCH DRUGS. Yes. Natural chemical imbalances. (soon to be re-unbalanced by caffeine. Headache went away and I am dangerous. Will most definitely be at school tomorrow)
I am not so much certain I am well as I am that I am empty. Kinda hard to throw up when there is absolutely nothing in your system (and believe me, my body has been trying for the past few hours. Nothin'. HAH. Take that, stupid body...). Keeping it that way for a few days more should result in Jenni being fine and dandy once again.
We are just a wee bit manic at the moment. I can't seem to stop giggling about nothing.
Michael, remember the time I called you while I was kind of flipping out? Yeah. Like that. Wheeehehehehehehehehheheeheheee....

Should have my car back by the end of the week. I hope. Maybe by Thursday afternoon if the universe decides to love me.

I like my pretty water bottle. It will hopefully survive more than a mere few weeks. *glug* three liters so far today... whee...

... I am fairly certain this somehow indicates that I need a boyfriend... Badly... Any takers?

Chris 'n Kaen. And for those of you who seem absolutely determined to think otherwise, I tell you FOR THE LAST TIME... Chris is the name of the girl. Please stop referring to Kaen as "Chris". You make my brain break.
Chris is my character, Kaen is Michael's.

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