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Updated @ career center... wheee..

Physical: Food is not my friend. At the moment it is looking like it will continue not being my friend for a few days more. Meh. Not a big deal. So long as I'm standing. My head pains for reasons I do not understand. GACK! Crick in neck...
Clothing: Baseball-style gray shirt that's too big, men's kakhi pants, tennishoes,handcuff key necklace, Big Black Jacket (took that off). Hair is down (taken from its braid)
Mental: Bless my English teacher, for she is one of the sweetest people I have ever known in my life. I managed to put out a worthless semblance of an outline and thesis, and she just said to get it done soon (meaning tonight). Wonderful. Hopefully I can do this. Must stop by Kroger before walking home and buy caffeine.
Emotional: I am pissed off at someone whose name I do not care to mention. Before you ask, no, it is not you. It just annoys me that whatever trust I may have had in humans was unfounded.
Creative: I shall see about possibly coloring an older sketch. It would do well in monochromatic reds, I think.
Social: I am trying to think up excuses for not attending the 'sweet sixteen' party of a very nice (if not-too-bright) girl in my networking class. Socialization at this point could have very, very bad results. And I am still angry with whatever sadistic bastard
(a) Decided to sign me up for the band trip after all, and
(b) Decided I should room with Emily, Lynn, and Elizabeth.
Sharing living quarters with anyone is annoying in and of itself, but definitely bearable. Sharing it with three girly-girls who I don't really get along with anyway does not look promising. I have spent excessive amounts of time sharing a room with Emily in the past. But while I could handle it then with no problem, I cannot handle it now. That, and no one wants to see Jenni in a bathing suit. I promise you this.
Misc: Murgglefurf. (Yes, I said Murgglefurf. You got a problem with that? Bee-yotch?) *shoots self in head* Sorry. Sorry.
Quote 'O The Day: [marvel as it becomes Conversation of the Day. With the flirty guy. He is starting to unnerve me...]
ShardsOfWater: vous voulez alle a la campagne francaise avec moi?
Jenni the Odd: If you said what I think you did...
no... planes unnerve me. Always have. I'd appear calm until you saw my hands - I'd sometimes dig my nails into my palms hard enough to cut.
ShardsOfWater: Heh... Really?
Jenni the Odd: yeah.
ShardsOfWater: *takes you on a plane*
ShardsOfWater: *licks the blood off your hands*
Jenni the Odd: mreep!
Jenni the Odd: youuuu might not wanna do that. *takes her hands back*
ShardsOfWater: Why not?
Jenni the Odd: my blood has properties formerly unknown in this mortal realm and is both a delerium-inducing intoxicant and eventually deadly poison to those who taste it...

...and that tickles.

Well, it's naturally dark reddish-blackish-brown... does that count?

You are Hobbes!
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I <3 Hobbes. Want that known.

I am...

I'm Elijah Wood!

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He's cute. And he makes a damned good hobbit. Pretty eyes.
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