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Job/Car: Car should be back tomorrow afternoon or at some point on Saturday. Please, god, please...
Also, apparently I'm due for a tax refund of about $300. Dude! Who knew. Tish, when I get it that means a total of about $200 going into your car fund ($150 + what I've already got... which I believe is around $50-$70, last I checked).
Physical: I am still ill. The thought of food makes me want to run away screaming. Except that I'm also sleepy, so none of that running part. Sort of ooze away. Yes. Or something. My head feels all stuffy, like sinuses. At least my nose isn't running or anything. We have Pre-UIL today. It's a damned good thing playing that music requires no conscious thought.
Mental: Whoops. Senior Research. I have discovered that -oddly enough- I get less done when I have no internet to distract me. Go figure. I will write something-or-other during homeroom and pray that it is enough.
Emotional: More confused/scared out of my mind than I even want to contemplate at the moment. Currently blocking it as best I can and running on autopilot; I can feel a lovely little breakdown building. Greeeaaat. *twitch*
Creative: I painted something last night. Would have uploaded it, but Nicole did not want to give up my dad's computer and I forgot the disk with the file on it. So that will have to wait a few more days.
Misc: I. Hate. Concentric. I miss having access to the internet. I am bored and require something shiny to amuse me. I would also like to finish downloading "Theatre of Pain" by Blind Guardian. I have approximately half of it and that is driving me mad. Mad, I tell you. Ditto for Lit's "Addicted to you". Funny song. Oddly enough, makes me think of Karen/Jared (and thusly, Emily/Michael, but oh well).

Hehe. Heh. Yeah. I only wish I had a trench coat. (but I'm already on the 'Columbine watch list'... poo. Teachers are watching in case I snap, apparently. Good to know.)

I'm Attim!

Find out which Seraphic Feather character you might be here.
Manufactured by miharu of
I have never seen this. Looks pretty. I <3 her eye makeup. I love red eye makeup. Just don't have the skin tone to actually do it. Nor do I wear makeup anywhere near often enough to justify purchasing some weird and random colors beyond what I have already that I am much more likely to color a picture with than to use on myself. Maybe if I stay indoors for a few years... but I rather like being brownish.
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