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I will return to this periodically throughout the day.

Job/Car: Car should return this weekend. I hope. And of all things, my own mother might want to hire me to work at the Dialysis Center. It'd be data entry and filing and such things that I can do quickly and pretty efficiently. Works for me.
Physical: Queasy. Hrmph. And HOW to I manage to get bruises on my legs? I swear you people are sneaking into my room at night and beating me with sticks.
Clothing: way-too-big green sweatshirt thing (it's thin enough that I wear it as a shirt), men's kakhis, sandals, used-to-be-a-band-tie choker.
Mental: Dad's computer shutting down resulted in minimal work done on my senior research. Pooop. Did works cited during band, but she didn't get to me anyway (ah, the advantages of being a corner person). I HAVE to do it this weekend. I should have a car so I can go to libraries... that will help muchly. An internet connection would help tremendously as well, but it probably won't happen.
Emotional: Trying not to think about anything and that makes it all go muuuch more smoothly...
Misc: Want turtle. I love turtles. (too much TMNT as a child or just my inherent love of reptiles and amphibians? You decide.) Too bad my parents aren't too big on the idea of turtles.
Creative: This flash intro to the school page is slowly but surely kicking my ass. I don't want to do it and will wind up turning in some half-assed thing that makes no sense and looks like crap. Who wants to bet I make at least a 'B'?
Social: *scrunches down in seat* Nicole will be at a laserquest lock-in with the band from midnight to seven AM. Which means that odds are she'll be gone fom 10:00 PM on. The computer is mine! Mine, I tell you! (insert maniacal laugh here). For a few hours until my mom wants to go to bed, at least. I don't pound on the keyboard like Nicole does (she is HARSH on all objects she comes into contact with...) but apparently it's still enough to keep my mom awake. But lately even the Internet fails to keep me amused, and all my dad's computer does is raise my blood pressure (the random shutdowns are always right before I save) so odds are I'll be on my comp instead, listening to music and doing nothing/ writing senior research paper.

Still waiting on Quote 'o the day and any good quizzes. Waaaaaiting. Greg or John will probably say something quotable during lunch. Mrf.

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