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Stolen from ocarina

1. What's the story behind your LJ username?
In the first chat room I was ever in, someone dubbed me "Jenni the Odd" for my rather strange habits. It stuck and I've used it as my main online handle ever since. To my knowledge, I'm the only Jenni the Odd in existence, anywhere. Go me.

2. Name five of your favourite pig-out foods
I try to avoid pig-outs like the plague (hardcore dieter, much? *snicker*) I suppose salsa on rice cakes (I am a salsa addict), granola (haven't had that in AGES...), vanilla soy milk in tiny doses, any sort of fruit, and those minty tootsie roll pops that they only sell around Christmas that I can never seem to locate anymore. Poo! I love minty things.

3. Have you ever had a make-over?
Nope. What's the use? It'll take more than makeup to fix me, and I'm too lazy to bother to apply it most of the time anyway. I dislike the 'natural-looking' makeup shit... If I'm gonna wear it, I want it to be dramatic. I love doing designs around my eyes, which is almost enough to make me wish I had contacts. Can't do much because the glasses make it look weird.

4. Name all members of the Beatles.
John, Paul, George, Ringo. (What a cool name, Ringo. Okay.)

5. What's the longest time you've stayed out of the country? Where?
Never left the country.

6. Name one thing you're grateful for today.
At the moment? Michael. *purr* He even puts up with me when I don't want to.

7. What is your favourite high school memory?
Leaving it. Or it will be.

8. What is the most insane thing you've done to/for your crush that (s)he might not/might know about?
He knows pretty much everything. I tend to be quite honest with him...

9. Describe your dream wedding.
I have the most impossible time trying to imagine myself getting married. I will more than likely wind up being one 'o them cat ladies.

10. Would you ever join Temptation Island?
Pfffft, like they'd want me on the cast. And no.

11. Name three teachers you liked in high school.
Mrs, Creekmore, my current English teacher, who is so sweet I want her as an aunt or a grandmother. And Mrs. Blodgett, whose name I have probably misspelled, but who is absolutely fascinating to listen to. She's very intelligent and so much fun. And... Um... Ben, whose last name I do not know. He's the tech guy for our school and he subs for my Webmastering class a lot. He's awesome.

12. Do you have a favourite quote? What is it?

13. How old were you when your first heartbreak happened?
15-17. It's kind of an ongoing thing.

14. Which school picture did you bury in your bottom drawer?
Every single one of them. I have this habit of attempting to destroy pictures of myself. I am not that nice to look at to start with, and I do not photograph well.

15. Do you have any weird preferences? What are they?
Uh... Not that I can think of.

16. What is the one thing you will never understand about the opposite sex?
The opposite sex. At least they make more sense than girls. Girls scare me.

17. Who is your best friend?
That depends entirely on how you define 'best friend', and even then I probably do not know. Relationships confuse and terrify me.

18. Name one TV character you'd most want to be.
I have been told repeatedly that I AM Daria. All right then.

19. If you were famous, and were to be a guest on a talk show, whose show would you choose? Why?
I have no idea. Don't watch enough TV to know any talk shows...

20. Give yourself a porn star name.
I think Jenni Bravo works damned well, thanks.

21. Do you have any weird sleep habits?
It varies. If I am cold (most of the time), I curl up into a little ball. If not, I will toss and turn. Sometimes when I forget to toss Mr. Bear (my big teddy bear thing) off my bed before I crash, I will wake up curled up next to it like it's a person.

22. What do you plan to do this summer?
Sleep. Work. Leave for college. Yup, that about covers it.

23. What's your favourite song right now?
Rather fond of Stratovarius' "A Million Light Years" at the moment... but Fiona Apple's "Paper Bag" is still most likely my favorite. I cannot stop listening to it. And, unfortunately for those around me, I can't stop singing it, either...

24. Write a line from any song.
Hunger hurts, but I want him so bad, oh it kills/ 'Cause I know I'm a mess he don't wanna clean up

25. Do you know at least one Disney song by heart? Which one?
I can sing entire scores from most of the older Disney animations. Get my siblings together and we could probably act out a lot of them. Fear us.

26. Describe your dream house.
I will be quite content with a small apartment. Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, 'misc.' room. Hell, the bedroom is optional, I can sleep anywhere. Give me an internet connection and one large window and I am fine.

27. What's your typical sleep wear?
It varies. Usually it's clothes that are so large on me now that my mother will not allow me to wear them out of the house... but when my old jeans started actually falling off, I had to give them away. Tends to be underwear and an oversized shirt. Occasionally I will locate a pair of pajama pants, or I'll just pass out in whatever I wore that day. Not picky. No sexy stuff, because why bother?

28. What's in your bag?
A ton of stuff. Notebooks, sketchbook, day planner, cel phone, wallet, checkbook, gum, assload of pens/pencils, usually a water bottle, and much more.

29. What's in your wallet?
Driver's License, misc. cards, a few receipts, a lot of change.

30. How much money do you currently have in your wallet?
Probably about $15

31. What's your favourite pair of shoes?
The boots I don't own yet. With the five buckles. Someday... yess...

32. If you could've gone to your senior prom in a different outfit, what would it be?
There are only two ways I'm going to senior prom. (1) Michael asks me to go with him, or (2) Someone pays me (as well as paying for a dress, which will most likely be fairly cheap since I can pull together random shit from resale shops). Otherwise, I will stick with the plan I've had since seventh grade - stay at home and organize my sock drawer.

33. How was your senior prom?
See above. It hasn't occurred yet. I think it's at the end of this month. Not sure.

34. Tell us about any of your birthdays.
My 'sweet sixteen', my mother made me acknowledge that I was another year closer to death and we went out to eat with my family (and our next-door neighbor, who is like another grandmother. She is usually automatically included in family stuff). My dad drank about 5-6 margaritas and was actually a bit tipsy. I'd never seen him giggle before, nor have I seen it since, and that was the highlight of my evening. (that is funnier if you know my father, who is a small, serious little Peruvian doctor.)

35. Would you rather be a hobbit, an elf or a dwarf?
Elf. Mm, pointy ears.

36. What are the first five things you would splurge on if you were a billionaire?
Uh. Retirement for my parents, college and retirement funds for myself and my siblings, house for Tish, a car for Tish that doesn't need repairs, and... um... I dunno. I'm boring.

37. What's your daily before-going-to-sleep ritual?
It varies but the staples are brushing of teeth, undoing of hair, removal of shoes, and talking to self.

38. What's the weirdest/funniest nickname you've ever been called?
"A fuckin' psycho" - courtesy of Dan, in my English class last year. I've also been told my feet are the key to the universe, which strikes me more as being a little scary than funny...

39. Name three of your favourite cartoon characters.
Only three? Damn it. D (mmmmmmmmm, D...), Brak (*dies of laughter*), and Rocko.

40. What are the magazines you read on a regular basis?
I usually don't read... I used to flip through those fashion mags for drawing references, but all the skinny made-up women start to look alike after a while. Also used to read Animerica religiously, but that stopped. I love National Geographic, Discover magazine, and Time when I can get a hold of them. Every so often my parents will bring home the older magazines from the waiting rooms in the dialysis center or my dad's office.

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