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Physical: I am tired from being sick and staying up a long while. My own fault (the second one at least). Eight hours 'til I can sleep. Stomach is paining me for some unknown reason...
Clothing: White shirt that closes up the front with a bunch of little hooks, black lacy bra (you will understand why I mention the underthings in a bit), light tan skirt, brown sandals, handcuff key necklace, silver/jade Peruvian bracelet. Hair is up in a bun. Was going to wear it down, but I have no conditioner and could barely brush it - was in no condition to be seen.
Mental: The damned paper is done; I don't doubt I'll revise the hell out of it later. And I'm mad at myself for forgetting to bring it. At least it's finished... *sigh*
Emotional: Ever have one of those days where you just feel ugly? Yeah. One of those.
Creative: In my Do-Anything-But-The-Paper madness yesterday, I did draw something. I have forgotten what and where it is. Meh.
Social: I will be able to give rides today, but I will not be happy about it. I HATE driving in the rain. My car has this nasty habit of skidding like mad on wet pavement, it always has and more than likely always will (tires made no difference). I get nervous when it rains.
Misc: I get my band dress altered today. whee. I go during lunch.
When I got out of my car today, the universe decided I really needed a sudden downpour ( the rain had been lightening up a little before then) and so I was soaked. Remember the white shirt and lacy black bra? Yeah. Whee. Michael got a bit of a show, then. *rolls eyes* That and my shoes slip dangerously (I almost fell over a few times) when they are wet. I will be changing clothes when I stop at home to get Tish's lunch and my band dress. Grr.

Crack that whip, baby. You don't take no for an answer unless that's what you tell your slave to say--ever thought about seeing a shrink for those control issues? Henpecking doesn't even begin to cover the level of your dominance over your mate. Kneel before the master/mistress.....and wash those damned dishes, slave!

Take the "Are you High-Maintenance?" quiz by Rez/Sanagi no Yume

This amuses me to no end because I am actually pretty low-maintenance, at least compared to a lot of girl's I've seen, so far as relationships go... Come to think of it, I'd probably let myself be a doormat without realizing it in certain cases... I'm quite sure it's just because I said yes to the handcuffs. *toys with necklace* I like the handcuffs, damn it.

Take the What Explosive am I? quiz by Little man icon! Hee hee!PhoenixSpirit001

Um. 'K.

Find out what kind of driver you are!

I drive like someone's grandma.

If I were a wine I would be...

This quiz was created by Krazy K. Take it here!


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