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Well. It's not just that bronchitis-like thing that's been going around, though not being able to speak is certainly irritating. My sinuses have gotten into the act. I think my head is actually going to split in two. Breathing is becoming an issue in and of itself. Jenni is not happy.
I went home yesterday after the sectionals, got online for about 10 minutes because I was asked to, then crept upstairs to my bed. I got in a good half hour of sleep before my mom called to say something about a job. I croaked some sort of "not now, are you insane? I can't fucking stand up without getting dizzy" that hopefully came out more like "Not now, I'm sick" and tried to go back to sleep. Unsucessfully. For the rest of the night. Damn the phone. Damn the fucking phone, I say. I hate that thing. So I got half an hour of dozing every so often throughout the night, woke up and dragged my sorry carcass to school (Nicole is home sick again today) and have since been told I look like shit every few minutes. Thank you. Yes, I know I look like shit. And if I could speak, this would probably be the resulting dialogue:

"Jeez, Jenni, you look like shit!"
"What? Ohmigod! Really? I had no idea! I thought the being unable to breathe, the lack of sleep, the dizziness and blackouts, the croaking, grating vocal chords, and the intense, blinding headaches would improve my appearance! Damn Cosmo and their lies!"

I get really bitchy when I am sick. Have you noticed?

But anyway, since I cannot, I have to settle for my "You are only alive because it is illegal for me to kill you" glare and return to my sniveling, scratchy-throated misery in hopes that whoever-it-is goes away and leaves me alone. I am also dehydrated. (sick=more water needed. Jenni at school = limited access to water. Hurts to swallow = not a lot of drinking. Add it all up, and I am probably dehydrated as all hell.) So yeh.

And I am sick and tired of the fucking moron next to me who asks me EVERY DAY (sometimes twice) how to add a link to a button in Flash. She also just copied and pasted fucking That grates on me, too. I want her to die. Lousy idiotic uncreative brainless little twat. Sorry. Had to be said. It's been building for a few months now.

*sigh* Amber asked me if I was going to be bitchy like Emily since I'm sick. I said I hoped not. So far I've managed to bitch only to this journal and not snap at anyone face to face. I will be staying the hell off of chat programs, because I am likely to begin to hate people forever if they do anything that bugs me while I feel like this.

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