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Welcome to my Random Thoughts. Sit down, Shaddup, and Enjoy the Ride, Baby...

  • I always seem to be able to locate the ones who enjoy being bitten. >;]=
    (No... no, I don't think I'm going to explain that any further than I need to...)
  • Hurrah for Goth Pirates! Sara could be a Goth Pirate! We should all be so lucky.
  • Came this close to getting the skirt-thing for an Evangelion girl's school uniform today at the anime store. THIS close. Decided at the last minute that Jenni in a schoolgirl uniform is not something the world needs to be subjected to. Though I think I did promise John that when I reach my goal for my weight loss I'd cosplay as Sailor Mars... Meep. At least I have the hair and the bitchiness to pull it off. Though if I can find an anime character costume that uses slightly more fabric, I might wanna switch. ^_^;; Depends on how whorish I feel. (and OH, I can be so whorish it isn't funny. Chris's outfits? I will wear them. Fear me.)
  • Lem is so adorable. He is. So is Michael In A Tuxedo (band concert). So is Michael Not In A Tuxedo (Uh... interpret that how you will. *snicker*). So is Chris, from that one picture of him that I've seen. So is Greg. And so is John. And Drew. And Robert will be, once he grows up a bit. I know so many guys who apparently don't think they're very attractive, but I think they're all very much so. How odd.
  • I am absolutely fascinated by eyes. I do not know why. There are three or four people whose eyes I could just stare into for hours. Just because eyes interest me that much. Michael's eyes change color, or used to; I don't see him up close enough to tell if they still do. Pity. John has these big startlingly blue eyes and unfairly long eyelashes - his eyes are gorgeous. And I am sure I make him nervous when I stare, so sue me. Emily's eyes also fascinate me, they're this hazel-y greenish hue and they're very pretty and slightly slanted. Greg's are interesting simply because they are in his face, which can be one of the most expressive I've ever encountered. Unfortunately, my habit of staring people down often disturbs them, and they rarely hold still. I'm also rarely in a position where I have the freedom to just stare as is my habit. So you people, if I just start staring at your face, please do not scream and run away, I'm really just that easily amused. I watch people. It's what I do. I used to have the excuse of drawing them, but now it's just that I like to study people. I'm strange like that. And I convinced my entire Spanish III class that I was possessed after I unwittingly stared them all down last year... Oops. My bad?
  • I like making lists.
  • I had forgotten what a pain in the ass my hair is when it's down. It's not helping that my hair is very dry lately. It's such a mess and looks like crap and I've wound up eating it all day. Blech. does not taste as good as it smells.
  • Double-take count from the Renfair Shirt is up to four now. Hehe. I wear it off the shoulders, so when I drive, if someone just glances at me, it first appears that I am wearing nothing. This usually results in a double-take for closer scrutiny. This amuses me to no end. TO NO END. I'm just annoyed that I can't wear it to school like this (no off-the-shoulderness allowed in the dress code. Bah.)
  • *screams until physically restrained* AAAUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!! (only one person will understand... And she will laugh. OH, she will laugh. And then shoot me.)
  • Chicken Salad: It's not just for breakfast anymore! :D
  • Love Hina is sickeningly, disgustingly, disturbingly cute. Almost as cute as the LJ icon set Drea is creating, the icons of which are so adorable they physically weaken me, like kryptonite. Yes.
  • I cannot stop listening to Savage Garden songs. They are looped on my playlist, every single song on both their albums and at least one or two that were not, that I obtained online... Cannot stop... I love Darren Hayes' voice. I really do. No, I do not care that he can sing higher than I can at the moment (damn remnants of a cold... will not leave me in peace!). He has a sexy voice. Voices can be sexy. What's really amusing to me is when you can flip the sexiness level in your voice on and off like a switch. (I once made Michael freeze where he sat with the tone of voice I used. To this day, thinking about it makes me laugh out loud. It amuses me that much) It's a fun thing. I wonder if it'd work on someone else, though. *plots evil things*
  • I like frogs.
  • I have this sudden urge to bite someone. Hrm. Who wants to be Jenni's chew toy? You know you do.
  • Ow - I just sliced through my finger with a nail on a finger of the other hand. Perhaps I should cut them.. or just gnaw on them some more. *gnaw**gnaw*
  • Heeeeeere, feeeshy feeeeeshy feeeeeshy!
  • You know what amuses me to no end? Looking up mental illnesses and seeing how many of the 'warning signs' I have. That is FUN. So far, I'm apparently bipolar, manic-depressive, depressed, suicidal, anorexic, autistic (that one startled me!), and possibly schizophrenic. Heehee. Or maybe I'm just plain old weird, that's also a possibility. @_@ A cheaper one that doesn't require a shrink. So yes, I think I'll stick with that...
  • My shoes are the key to the universe. I cannot explain this in any way; just accept it and move on.

  • Who's your daddy?? Find out @ blackhole

    Oh, HELL yes. The Force is with ME, Baby.
    *complete and utter Star Wars Geek here*
    Give me time and I will reconstruct my Tahoe as a Landspeeder. Or a TIE fighter. But I'm definitely giving that sucker shields and hyperspace capabilities; generic TIEs are worthless long-distance and they're little more than rebel cannon fodder.
  • Charlie was a chemist, but Charlie is no more.
    What Charlie thought was H2O was H2SO4....
  • I want my very own Manji (from Blade of the Immortal). He's fun. He'd also probably slaughter me within minutes because I'd annoy him. But it'd be worth it!
  • You know what cartoon I miss? Freakazoid. I've not seen it in SO long. That an Animaniacs. But mostly Freakazoid. Damn, I love Freakazoid.
  • I still like lists.
  • I am talking to the cat. 'Mrwow?' 'Mrrow.' "Mrrrt' 'mrrrrrrw'. "mew" 'mrow'. etc. I think I just insulted him because he walked off. Either that or I'm boring in Cat, too.
  • I go now. Seeyuh.
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