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More randomness. This is becoming a nightly thing...

  • Hehehe.
    I [heart] J. Grant. Can you blame me? No. No you can't. Bitches.
  • I have stolen Nicole's shorts. Fear me and my short shorts. For they are about two to three inches too short, depending on which pair I steal. This is why I wear men's clothing... girl's stuff is annoying. *tugs on shorts* rrrrrgh.
  • Hi, my name is Jenni [Hi, Jenni!]... and I am a salsa addict. My family entertained/frightened the clientele of a Mexican restaurant (because that's what we do when we leave the house... we scare people...) and I realized I am a hopeless, frightening salsa addict. It's so sad... I put salsa on a salad instead of any sort of dressing. Hell, I ate the salsa straight. Come to think of it, I think I actually ate mainly salsa instead of actual food. Hehehe. I can live off of salsa! Oh, I am sad.
  • Ostrich?
  • They are silver. I am going to paint them blue later tonight. My toenails, that is.
  • Urge to gnaw on happymrlocust... rising... :]=
  • Ataaaaaaaaaaaack of the Killer ToMAtoes.....
  • Tish: Cannot give rides tomorrow, Wed, or Thursday. I think I can Tues; it depends entirely on the weirdness of the UIL schedule.
  • I have a study guide on Heart of Darkness due tomorrow. I'll do it later tonight.
  • Holy fucknuggets on a stick; everyone and their inbred cousin seems to have acquired a blog. My sister sets trends, y0.
  • *the Face*
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