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UIL today. No rides. Whee. Gotta go home at lunch and get dresses and whatnot. Hrm.
My stomach hurts. And my knee (those of you with amazing memories might recall that I tripped, fell, and somehow hurt it waaayyy back in December. It has apparently been lying in wait) is killing me because I've been walking a lot lately. I don't sleep anymore, so I exercise. Gives me something to do.

Oh yes. I hate my fellow students with a passion unrivaled upon this earth. With each new encounter with my English class, I am more and more grateful that not a single person I know will be attending UT at San Antonio. Morons, the lot of them. I do not contest that I am no more intelligent than they are, however, I have the tact to keep my mouth shut and to at least sit and liten respectfully to the teacher who is attempting to impart knowledge into our worthless little second-semester-senior brains. I do not throw things when she is not looking; I do not read magazines or play video games, I do not sleep, and I do not talk constantly with anyone around me who will listen and a few who won't. Boris needs to die. I told my teacher I felt sorry for her, being stuck with us. And that I was sorry for Boris' existance. I said it jokingly, but oh, I despise him. Grr.

Heart of Darkness has some very interesting concepts that I enjoy thoroughly, but Conrad loves words just a little too much for me to really like actually reading it. His style aggravates me, but the class discussion (read: me and the teacher talking to each other while my classmates did whatever they felt like) is more than interesting enough to make the 45 minutes or so it took to read the damned thing worth it.

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