The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
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@_@ Mah! Mah! Mah!

Things to Get Done...

  • This god-forsaken flyer thing that my mom handed me and told me to make. Stupid artistic reputation coming back to bite me in the ass. And stupid Photoshop not cooperating with me.
  • Take Nicole to Soundwaves to get the Avalanches CD. I am going along with this because odds are I will listen to that sucker almost as much as she does.
  • Grocery shopping. Aiieeee.

    This Weekend At Some Point:
  • Sleep. Somehow. Hopefully only during daylight hours.
  • Make some feeble sort of attempt to overcome my incredible dislike for socialization at the moment. (i.e. log onto AIM and not snap at or ignore anyone, no matter how much I might want to)
  • All my Heart of Darkness study guides, since I didn't do them this week. My bad.
  • Site for my stupid, stupid, I-cannot-say-'stupid'-enough Webmastering project group.
  • Take the time to just sit down and play online. Usually I get online enough to log onto LJ, Fitday, and check my mail when I can remember to do so. Then I sort of wander off. I want to go through my 'Favorites' list and see what's new on about fifty or so comics, and maybe browse a good portion of Keenspace if my ISP doesn't crap out on me completely.

    Damn it, Nicole unhooked my tablet. Now I have to reboot if I want to finish this flyer. *grumbly*
    Note the mood. Grrrrr.
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