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Just some Things of Interest... or Disinterest...

  • I HATE THE PHONE! (this is first because it is ringing at the moment. I refuse to hunt down the blasted piece of plastic evil to answer it. Gabriel did. Okay.)
  • I have consumed approximately 183.2 oz of water today. And counting. (the night is young, yet)
  • Canned chicken broth tastes nasty as hell, and I will be sticking to the bullion cubes from now on. Blecchhh.
  • I did not shave my legs today. (all together now: "eeewwwww...") fear my cactus-like limbs.
  • Tonight is prom night. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Exercise in Futility Part II went like this:
    Jenni: *rolls eyes* Okay, here goes. Hey Michael, wanna go to the prom with me?
    Michael: *without turning from his calculus equation on the band hall chalkboard* I'm not going to prom.
    Emily: Oh, just go to prom with her!
    Jenni/Michael (in unison): He/I doesn't/don't want to go! Leave him/me alone!

    If you have forgotten Part I, that was Homecoming. At least no one can say I didn't make some sort of effort. *snork*
  • MAH! MAH! MAH!
  • Lists? Yeah. Still enjoy them.
  • Encounter in band yesterday, as I was coming back from the bathroom:
    Steven: *pointing at my water bottle*
    Me: ?
    Emily: We're saying how it looks like a nipple.
    Me: *examines the sports top of the bottle, and I'm just not seeing it. But being me, I do obscene things to it with my tongue anyway*
    Emily/Liz: *unholy shrieks of hysterical laughter*
    Me: *graceful being that I am, I dribble on myself. more laughter ensues*
  • The players tried to take the field/ The marching band refused to yield/ Do you recall what was revealed/ The day the music died?
  • I should probably go tidy up my room a bit. I'm sure that while watching the Shining, they don't want to deal with my weights on the floor and my bras strewn across the chair... ehe... yeah. While I am utterly nuts about cleaning my car sometimes (it irks me to NO END that no one ever bothers to clean up after themselves in there except me; even after asking people to take their trash with them, I still have to clean out coke bottles and papers and garbage and whatnot on a daily basis), I can be a complete slob when it comes to my bedroom. Because, my logic is, since I'm the only person who ever sets foot in there (or I would be, in a perfect universe), why bother to pretty it up? But with Nicole's fondness for bringing people there, I find myself having to keep it decent. Hrm.
  • There is so much anime I need to see. If I can convince my computer to play movies, once I get an internet connection that will actually allow me to download something, Greg and John have an obscenely long list of things that are "SO INCREDIBLE" that I am sure they wonder how I can stand my pitiful existence without having viewed them. Mmkay. But first on my list is Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I think Michael has it. I wonder if I could blackmail him somehow into letting me borrow it. *plots* My entire family will be leaving me alone at home for the first week in June (Bless my mother, who is the coolest mother ever and has finally accepted my antisocial tendencies! She didn't even make a fuss about prom!), which is when I plan to do absolutely NOTHING and just watch anime... this prevents interruption and my mother interjecting that vampires/whatever-else-I-am-watching is evil and of the Devil.
  • My legs are shaped really weirdly. I cannot explain this. They just are. It's not just the fat-osity, either. They are structured differently than the legs of most people I encounter. Or perhaps I am thinking way too much about this...
  • Anyone remember when "All That" was actually like a younger version of SNL and was decently funny? 'Cause I do. And I miss it. It sucks horrid quantities of ass now... *sigh*
  • Add "TV" to the List of Appliances Jenni Hates. Right up there with the phone. And the toaster. (the toaster and I have a longstanding feud)
  • Murglefurf.
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