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There is no bad mood of mine in existance that cannot be cured by a sufficiently funny run of Adult Swim. Like last night. Nicole and I laughed 'til we almost pissed ourselves. I love Adult Swim. When it's bad, it's still worth watching. And when it's good, it's feckin' fantastic. And then I passed out in a cartoon-induced coma on the couch.
Dieting again (aren't I always?). No one feed me, damn it.

Mreep. Thursday was Mike's birthday. Why did I not have that written on my calendar? I usually write down everyone's birthdays as soon as I find out... and I'm certain I asked about his birthday last year. I feel bad. Poo.

We signed up for buses for the band trip. I waited until my sister and her friends had all signed up for bus #2... then I signed up for Bus #1. Now, I love my sister, but in the event that I am in a bad mood at any point on the 4-hour bus ride (and my mood swings can occur within minutes for no reason), being around either she or her multitudes of followers will trigger a homicidal rage that will doubtless end in my hijacking the bus and driving us into the ocean. So I will be on Bus #1, with a lot of top band people (including Michael) who I trust will ignore me completely throughout the trip. I am fine with this. With luck, Emily and her minions will wind up on Bus #2 as well. That would make for a very calm, peaceful, and likely cooperative and pleasant Jenni on the bus, let me tell you.

Well, there went my ethics. Mark's giving me Flash, Fireworks, and Dreamweaver. I will probably use it only for school projects (what do I have to make websites for? I don't do anything) and I only have three weeks of school left... but I suppose they will be fun to play with when I am bored. But I'm putting more memory on my computer, which means I have to double-check all my backup disks. Yay. And I still haven't done my Heart of Darkness study guides. Hrm. Perhaps I should look into those...

Also... Michael is slowly adapting!
David C: *pointing at my shirt* The Crow. Good movie.
Me: *also pointing at my shirt* Sexiest man ever. *grin* *pats Michael, who is sitting on the floor nearby playing cards with David* Second sexiest man ever.
Michael: *smiles and shakes his head a little, continues kicking David's ass at cards*

He did not scream or run away. He can be taught. That amused me. *shrug*

Jazz band concert today. I think I will go for lack of better things to do.
Tish: no rides Thursday or Friday (I will not be in town), Pervert Crew, no rides on Friday. Capiche?

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