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The funk is alive... and it's IN THAT CAR!

Ms. Mays is an idiot. Yesterday, the whole testing thing? She just didn't see my file in the list of all the other files. (is bravo-test2.fla so inconspicuous? I hadn't realized...) So after locating her and listening to her blather for a few minutes, I was told there was really no reason to go after all. Being me, I went and sat in my car and listened to music and thoroughly enjoyed the peace.
My mother leaves today for Cancun (she and a few people from her workplace are going), so I cannot give a ride, Tish - gotta go home immediately so Emma's not home alone.
I pity my dad. From tomorrow 'til Sunday he will be a single parent. The man is brilliant, but not very self-sufficient - Peruvian culture usually has the women taking care of the men, which fortunately my mother does not mind. She also managed to get that little remnant of traditional girlyness into my impressionable little mind at an early age, so god help me, I will absolutely spoil a significant other if allowed to do so. Which has always struck me as rather odd, given my overall personality, but oh well. she also brainwashed me into blind faith in Christianity; at least I snapped out of that well enough on my own.
I told my mom that we're all gonna come back on Sunday to find Emma, smeared in peanut butter and Goldfish cracker crumbs, wearing the same clothing she was in when we left, sitting watching cartoons. My dad will be asleep.
In actuality, Emma is intelligent enough to really care for herself better than most teenagers I know. She'll inform whoever is in charge that they need to monitor her while she takes her bath, then read her a story. She goes to sleep easier and with less fuss than any child I've ever encountered in my life. Easiest baby-sitting job ever. Only thing is, putting her to bed tends to put me to sleep as well - not good when I usually have to stay up for four or five hours afterward. Meh.

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