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MSN pisses me off a little more with every passing day. It refuses to load my LJ page. Or friends page. Or anything but the login pages. WHY?
It loads everything else. Slowly, of course, but after five minutes or so, it nonetheless loads. Why am I not allowed to view my Livejournal or friends pages unless I am at school or it is about 4 AM?
Band trip. Tomorrow. Um. Whee? Yeah. Here are my expectations for the band trip, given my moods of late:

  • Emily will annoy the living hell out of me and I may just snap at her. I don't mean say something nasty. I mean physically attack her, and I will hurt her. I am strong enough. She will not expect it. I will try to restrain myself, but I can only take so much high-pitched shrieking before I lose it. She has been in a very good mood lately, which means she is actually a little harder to tolerate. I can deal with bitchiness; I cannot handle happy and cheery and chirpy. Kill. I have given up the kitchen to her cooking habits to avoid any possible conflict.
  • I will either manage to avoid my sister and her followers entirely, or I will be unable to escape them for the duration of the trip. This all depends. At the moment it looks like I probably won't deal with them, which is fine. Her minions scare me.
  • I will remain indoors or otherwise secluded as much as humanly possible. I really don't feel like socializing. I am not a beach person. I'm not much of an anything person, now that I think on it. I sit on my ass in front of the computer, or I do situps. That seems to be the extent of my activity lately...
  • Michael will completely ignore me, and in typical Girly fashion, I will take this personally and be very upset. Of course, the fact that I can predict this probably means I won't be upset in the least, but you get the idea. Probably not. Well. I will feel that I should be upset and somehow have the right to be, even though I know damned well that he has absolutely no obligation to concern himself whatsoever with my existence.
  • I will play absolutely horribly at the band contest that we are attending as an excuse for going to Corpus at all. It's sort of an afterthought.
  • I will go nuts with no computer. I don't even do anything online anymore, it's just like an electronic security blanket.
  • I will either draw something or wind up throwing my fucking sketchbook into the ocean. Grrr.

    In other news:
    My stomach hurts.
    My toenails and (soon) fingernails are black. Whee.
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