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Morning, Livegerbil.
If I am correct, there are AP tests at my school today. If you are not taking one, you do not need to show up at school until 10:00. I am not taking any because my school won't accept the credit anyway.
However, if I am wrong, I get out of first and second period. Works out in my favor either way.
I was having toe cramps. My toes just randomly decided: "I will curl forward and become painful and bitchy if she tries to straighten me out so she can walk!" I just drank a ton of water, which usually does the trick. My mom said it had something to do with a sodium or potassium imbalance. I don't remember what causes the cramps, I remember only that they go away if I walk a lot and drink a ton of water.
Of course, I forgot to weigh first. Crap. Oh well.
Why do I crave peanut butter? That's the strangest thing ever. Damn it's peanut buttery evil.

>[Current Clothes ] Underwear, an old Oh! My Goddess T-shirt.
>[ Current Mood ] groggy.
>[ Current Music ] None.
>[ Current Taste ] water
>[ Current Make-up ] make...up...?
>[ Current Hair ] down, frizzy as hell.
>[ Current Annoyance] can't see (forgot to grab glasses) and my toe is cramping.
>[ Current Smell ] the smell of our house. (every house has a distinct smell. I notice odd things)
>[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] I'd be asleep, but Nicole woke me and I doubt I'll be able to go back.
>[ Current Desktop Picture ] that Valentine's pic I drew for Michael.
>[ Current Favorite Artist ] Dunno. Fiona Apple?
>[ Current Favorite Group ] *shrug*
>[ Current Book ] Wasted, and the entire Blade of the Immortal series.
>[ Current CD in CD Player ] none
>[ Current DVD In Player ] none
>[ Current Color Of Toenails ] black
>[ Current Refreshment ] water
>[ Current Worry ] Tish, Emily, Michael, Chris. The usual. (i.e. EVERYONE. Even people not listed. I worry constantly and I am always amazed that I have yet to give myself an ulcer or something...)
>[ Current Crush ] We've been through this. Hi, Michael.
>[ Current Favorite Celebrity ] Uhhh.... Dunno.
>[ You Touched ] My mom kissed me hello when she got back. That aside... Probably Minkay on the bus just 'cause she was sitting next to me. Nicole hugged me before we left Corpus for no reason (I worry about her). And I bit Michael at some point. I think that was the only contact I initiated, was the biting.
>[ You Talked to ] John through AIM, I think. No, wait, yelled at Nicole from upstairs that no, I am not getting dressed to take her to school.
>[ You Hugged ] Uhh... Nicole hugged me... I can't remember the last time I did the hugging.
>[ You Instant messaged ] John.
>[ You Yelled At ] Nicole (based on distance, not because I was angry with her)
>[ You Had A Crush On ] Did we not just ask this? Michael.
>[ Kissed ] Michael. Poor guy. Had to put up with me.
>[ Food ] I currently crave peanut butter and I DON'T KNOW WHY!
>[ Drink ] water
>[ Color ] black. Silver.
>[ Album ] *shrug*
>[ Shoes ] at the moment, my comfy sandals.
>[ Candy ] Raspberry CremeSavers. Those things are like crack, I tell you. May whoever brought them into this house be cursed, because I am so hopelessly addicted....
>[ Animal ] Bats. And penguins.
>[ TV Show ] Don't really watch TV... anything on Adult Swim tends to be good, 'specially Brak.
>[ Movie ] I wanna watch Star Wars. Geek? Why yes, yes I am.
>[ Dance ] I don't dance. I have no coordination (it's enough effort for me to walk)
>[ Song ] Paper Bag
>[ Fruit ] Bananas. and pineapple.
>[ Cartoon ] Dunno. Too many.
>[ Understanding ] I try, and do not always succeed.
>[ Open-minded ] I like to think so.
>[ Arrogant ] Probably a lot more often than I think.
>[ Insecure ] This is your first time reading my journal, yes?
>[ Random ] purplemonkeytennisshoeswashingmachine.
>[ Hungry ] Not very often.
>[ Friendly ] used to be a lot more so.
>[ Smart ] No.
>[ Moody ] Like all hell.
>[ Childish ] I'm secretly a three year-old.
>[ Independent ] sometimes incredibly so.
>[ Hard working ] depends.
>[ Organized ] Occasionally.
>[ Healthy ] see above.
>[ Emotionally Stable ] mmmmmmNO.
>[ Shy ] Not so much 'shy' as that I have no desire to initiate contact with other humans.
>[ Difficult ] Sometimes.
>[ Attractive ] No.
>[ Bored Easily ] yes. Fortunately, I am also amused easily.
>[ Messy ] Sometimes.
>[ Thirsty ] not usually. I drink a lot of water.
>[ Responsible ] Not as much as I'd like to be.
>[ Obsessed ] A bit. With a few things.
>[ Angry ] Not often with others.
>[ Sad ] A bit.
>[ Happy ] Meh
>[ Hyper ] I just woke up. Gimme time. And caffeine.
>[ Trusting ] Very, very rarely. I normally must know the person for years first, and even that is no indication.
>[ Talkative ] That varies extremely.
>[ Legal ] In what sense? I'm under 18 (dirty mind here)
>[ Original ] Not particularly.
>[ Different ] See above
>[ Unique ] I'm unique and special, just like everyone else.
>[ Ignored ] I can be easily. Teachers tend to count me absent because they somehow do not see the large girl dressed in black sitting quietly towards the back...
>[ Reliable ] Wasn't this asked? Or was that 'responsible'? Anyway. Not as much as I'd like.
>[ Content ] Occasionally.
>[ Optimistic ] Used to be. That changed.
>[ Deep thinker ] see above.
>[ Self-disciplined ] pffft.
>[ Sleepy ] Not often anymore.
>[ Lonely ] Sometimes.
>[ sXe ] *snork*
>[ Kill ] Tish's grandmother, Emily's mother... Hmmm... I'm sure there's a few more, but I forget. Mostly the people I encounter who are so incredibly stupid that if natural selection were in effect, they'd have been gone long ago.
>[ Slap ] No one, really.
>[ Get Really Wasted With] No one. Though I will gladly watch, sober, as any of my guy friends get wasted, because damn, that would be entertaining.
>[ Get High With ] See above.
>[ Tickle ] Greg or John. Greg squeaks, John just curls up into a ball. 's cute.
>[ Look Like ] Emily.
>[ Talk To Offline ] No one.
>[ Online ] No one.

well, that was pointless.

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