The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Survey Goodness.

---[mr187's SURVEY bonus]--------


What do you think of life? Hrm. Answers to this will vary hourly. Sometimes I want it to be over, sometimes it seems like it's nowhere near long enough to do all the things I need/want to do (that used to be a constant anxiety for me - too much to do and not enough life to do it in), and most of the time I'm rather apathetic about the whole process. I try to do what I gotta, and if I get run over by a truck, so be it.
What do you think of racism? What incredible, utterly pointless bullshit. I really love when people assume that because I have Hispanic features, I am poor, Mexican, a slut, and relatively unable to handle basic academics. It breaks brains when they find out no, my parents have money, I am 1/2 Peruvian, I am a virgin and will more than likely remain that way for a LONG time, and if standardized testing is to be believed, I am pretty damned intelligent. (nevermind that I think I'm a stupid whore, I still really enjoy watching eyes bulge when they find out what my SAT score was)
What do you think of religion? It's a nice thing if you can believe in it. Once you lose your blind sheeplike faith in the organized churches, things become a little more complicated, making the whole ordeal a lot more messy than I think it's worth. I suspect humans just made the lot up to make themselves feel better.
What do you think of war? Hate. There are better ways.
What do you think of poverty? It's a bigger problem than most think. It tends to produce either extremely strong or extremely weak individuals.
What do you think of society? That depends entirely on what aspect of society we're talking about. Sometimes I hate the whole thing, but I have this strange dislike of being around too many people for too long, so I'm not certain if that plays a larger part in that than I am realizing. In general, American society is a black hole to which a great many wonderful people have been lost. School killings, suicide, and eating disorders, anyone?
What do you think of living life handicapped? Would be difficult, but it could make you a much stronger person. I remember having a dream once, that I had gotten in a car wreck. Though otherwise unhurt, both my hands were crushed beyond repair. The rest of the dream was sort of narrated by onlookers, always saying "she used to be a happy girl, now she's lost it"... but being unable to draw or do any of the things I'd formerly done, I killed myself at the end of the dream. I always die in my dreams. Now I don't suppose the loss of my hands would matter all that much, come to think of it. Hmm. So I suppose if something were to happen to me that left me permanently handicapped, I'd be able to deal with it. So far as physical stuff goes I am surprisingly adaptive (for example, it was discovered that apparently I could get along just fine with no thumbs...)


What do you think of drugs? Pretty damned stupid in my opinion. I know some kids who don't care and just want the high, and I suppose I could understand that, but I'm just not interested.
What do you think of legalizing marijuana? Bah. Legal or not people will use it. Making it legal will only result in a hell of a lot more rules regulating it's 'proper' use, all of which will be broken anyway.
What do you think of alcohol? I hate the taste of anything containing alcohol with a passion - I can't even stand something like a wine sauce. I do not know why. I also dislike the idea of losing control of my actions (also applies to the drug question). In small quantities there's nothing wrong with a drink now and then, but I am the voluntary designated driver. Blecchh.
What do you think of getting drunk? Would never do it. And I reserve the right to mess with anyone around me who does. If you wake up naked in a yard full of plastic pink lawn flamingoes, it's your own damned fault.
What do you think of acid? Stupid.
What do you think of heroin? Stupid
What do you think of LSD? See, I'm fortunate enough to be able to fuck with my head without the aid of chemicals...
What do you think of snorting coke? Stupid.
What do you think of someone close to you that does any of the above? Don't know that any of them do, but most people either tell me everything or nothing about themselves and lately it's been the nothing end. So... *thwak*, mostly. It's their decision, but I'll forever think they're less intelligent.
What would you think of your friends if they started doing any of the above? See above. If I thought they'd be the least bit cooperative, I'd drag 'em into rehab.


What do you think of emo? I am forced to listen to it constantly in the car. It's not so bad as a whole, but I like individual songs rather than an entire genre. As to the people... If they know enough to mock themselves, they're usually great and tend to be intelligent. At least the one's I've met.
What do you think of punk? Those I've encountered who fit the stereotype for 'punk' tend to be quite entertaining.
What do you think of goth? Now, I've never encountered a definition of 'goth' that I agree with. My first exposures to 'gothicky' stuff were pussinboots and ravensmother. At the time, I didn't even know it was called 'goth' or that it was slowly gaining in popularity (I'd never seen a Hot Topic 'til about a year ago, and I'd never encountered someone in person who dressed/acted/thought in the typical gothy mannerisms 'til last year). I saw something that fascinated me, creativity in expression through art and clothing that I adored, and an alternately outrageous and quiet tongue-in-cheek, cynical, occasionally self-mocking style that offered the sort of cynical humor I loved. I fell into it without realizing it. I was one of those annoyingly 'happy' goths for a while, and took great pleasure out of openly defying the typical stereotype that all goths are mopey, depressed, and heartless (the little old ladies who came into the art store where I worked loved my fishnet. 'Twas great. Elderly people are wonderful and can be a hell of a lot nicer than kids). Then something snapped and I actually got depressed. ThenI slid out of that and became cynical/apathetic, with occasional bouts of being perky. Then -whoops!- depressed again. Now creeping back towards apathetic. Waiting for the happy to return; it's late, god damn it. And this answer became a lot longer than intended.
What to you think of preps? My school is swarming with 'em. Some of them act and dress the way they do because they genuinely like the clothes or the parties or whatever. Generally they are very sweet and while some of them appear to be greatly lacking in brainpower (which is perhaps the cause for their behavior...), they are not difficult to deal with at all. Then there are the ones who dress and act like they do because they are insecure and wish to be like everyone else. They tend to be a bit bitchier and a hell of a lot meaner. These are the sort of kids who made elementary school hell for me. Most of them avoid me now. I think they're afraid I'll shoot them or something. hehe.
What do you think of jocks? They can be arrogant bastards, but as with every stereotype, there are plenty of exceptions and some are quite nice. I do not think I'll ever forget being physically shoved off the end of the lunch table on my first day of 9th grade by a bunch of freshman jocks, though. That soured me on staying in the cafeteria for almost a year.
What do you think of ravers? The only two ravers I've encountered tend to be a little lacking in the brains department, mostly if not entirely due to drugs/alcohol. I don't really know enough to make any sort of generalization concerning the entire subculture, as I've had next to no exposure to 'em.
What do you think of rednecks? Again, our school swarms with them. This is Houston, Texas. I have fun in the parking lots, rolling down my windows when I drive past the guys in tight jeans and trucks with ridiculously huge wheels, screaming: "IS SOMEBODY MAKING UP FOR A TINY PENIS?!?", roll up my window, and drive away. The rednecks tend to hate me, and I am fine with that. Last I spoke to any of them, they were assholes. Oddly enough, they are also the sort Emily tends to date. Judging by her taste in men, I'd say I am justified in entertaining myself by mocking their obscenely large tires and trucks that take up more parking spaces than they rightfully should.
What do you think of nerds? They can be really really interesting. Or really really scary.
What do you think of dorks? I have this annoying tendency to love them to death. All my friends are dorky as all hell, whether they will admit to it or not. I love 'em.
What do you think of the drama/theater folks? I almost was one of them. I got a part in the musical and I got into the varsity theater class (one of about three freshmen to do so) after auditioning in 8th grade. No one told me, so I took band instead. This is a very big accomplishment to me because the theater teacher then was a disgusting dirty old pervert (who was eventually fired for being a disgusting dirty old pervert) who tended to only let in pretty girls and people with outstanding acting capabilities. Since I was not a pretty girl, I felt quite proud of myself. But I've not done any acting in years, and will probably not attempt it until I lose about another 100 lbs...
What do you think of the artsy kids? I've had less contact with them than with any other group - I have never taken art, and so the only artsy people I encounter tend to be online. Tish confused the hell out of me when I met her; I'd never encountered anyone who drew and behaved towards art the way I did. Scared me a little, and I'm still not used to it. But I've accumulated more artistic acquaintances over time, and it no longer strikes me as odd.
What do you think of the stoners? I generally avoid them.
What do you think of the whiggas? The... what? *snork*
What do you think of hippies? Haven't met many, if any.
What do you think of the freaks? I was regularly called a freak before being labeled as a goth. Emily called me a 'freak-goth' and that's the label I accept without whining. Generally though, I seem to require my own category.
What do you think your parents were labeled as when they were younger? My dad has never made less than 100% on anything in his life - even in a language not his native tongue. He could be nothing but a geek; and he is the king of geeks. My mother was a (very, very pretty) preppy/jock/popular girl. She was -and still is- one of the sweet, nice ones. I blame her for the fact that every guy I've ever had a crush on has been at least a little geeky/dorky. It's genetic. Nicole dates dorks, too! (I'm serious. And they're all women, too. Well, David doesn't act like one, but he's disconcertingly pretty) They have evolved only slightly - My dad looks EXACTLY THE SAME, but now occasionally has some time to relax, which he spends sleeping, watching TV/bonding with Emma (she's the only kid in our family who actually spends any childhood time with him; I forget what his face looks like sometimes. The man works too hard), or surfing the 'net (WebMD. He is such a workaholic...) and listening to jazz. (hehe. He liked the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack) My mom is not human, I swear - no person alive can be that nice all the time. She gained a lot of weight but is losing it rapidly. She has a small frame, so the contrast is really really obvious - and she's very pretty still. She's a firm believer in the Christian church, but she's cynical enough that occasionally I can see where we got it from. She is also a huge Green Day fan and is taking my siblings to the concert tonight.


What do you think of sex? Can be beautiful, has been horribly horribly warped (see: "Society sucks") into something dirty and wrong and cheap.
What do you think of boys? I've been fortunate enough to only get somewhat close to the ones with some actual depth.
What do you think of girls? They annoy the fuck out of me most of the time. I simply cannot stand my own gender. Guys tend to work more logically. Maybe it's just simpler body chemistry - they don't go insane two weeks out of every month. I've always just gotten along better with guys. They're easier to deal with and usually say straight out what they mean instead of all the bullshitting girls are so damned good at.
What do you think of gay men? The gay men I've known have been pretty damn cool guys.
What do you think of lesbians? I don't know any lesbians, though I knew a few girls who were bi. They were pretty cool people.
What do you think of cross-dressers? Most guys I know would look better in a dress than I do (it ain't hard). Hell, I wear men's clothing most of the time. I probably count as one... Hmm. Oh well.
What do you think of surgically changing your gender? Wouldn't do it m'self, but whatever you wanna do. *shrug* 's your body.
What do you think of men growing breasts? If they're purposely trying to do it in an effort to become a woman, okay. If it happens accidentally somehow - now, that's kind of amusing.
What do you think of masturbation? You've never been in my car, have you? Well, you'd have to be in the car with the pervert crew. Jeebus, all the sexual innuendo in there... So much talk of masturbation. I see nothing wrong with it, myself.
What do you think of fetishes? Fun!
What do you think of people who dont desire sex? Their lives are a bit simpler, go them.
What do you think of people who lie about sex? Why? I know people who lie saying they've had it when they've not, and that they've not when they have. Hell, you get a different answer every time you ask Emily, depending on what kind of mood she's in. But I don't see the point. Never have. Just tell the truth, geez. Makes everything a hell of a lot easier in the long run.
What do you think about society's portrayal of people's sex lives? A little overdone. They seem to make sex seem to be a lot bigger part of most people's lives than it really is, I think. Or maybe it just seems that way 'cause I'm not getting any.... Mmm, could be. *snork*


What do you think of people who cry a lot? Depends on why. If someone looks at you weird and you burst into tears, I might just smack you. If you have a legitimate reason to cry, nothing wrong with that. Personally, I can't stand it. I feel beyond uncomfortable when people around me are upset and will do just about anything to make them stop. I hate it when I cry and avoid it at all costs. 'S gotten to the point where I'm not sure I still can, which is weird, but fine by me.
What do you think of having a boyfriend/girlfriend? I'm one of those pathetic suckers who needs to be loved, needs some aspect of romance. I do not know why, I know only that it is so. So naturally, no guy who's ever actually met me has ever displayed any real interest. Of course. Looking at it objectively, I'd probably make a pretty good girlfriend. I hate that "if you don't know why I'm mad, I'm certainly not going to tell you!" crap. I am honest. I can be very loving once I actually trust someone. But so far, no one's interested. meh.
What do you think of couples? I am jealous of the ones who are genuinely happy together, I am scared of the ones who seem to fight constantly, and there are some couples that just should not be.
What do you think of people who dress in stripper-like clothes in public? A bit jealous because I don't have the body to pull that off (I did mention I am a whore, yes? Yes.), and a bit aggravated. Particularly if they're the sort who dresses like a hooker and then complains that people don't respect them.
What do you think of people who dye their hair? I would never do it (too much of a hassle with my long hair) but it can look pretty cool. Nicole really wants to dye her hair, and I think her boyfriend should dye his blue.
What do you think of people with mohawks? They got the guts to do that to their hair, good for them. I never would - my hair is my only good feature and I will do all in my power to protect it.
What do you think of people who smoke cigs? Blech. I would have no problem with it if they could live in their own smoke-filled little bubbles. But since they don't, I just think it's the most inconsiderate and expensive form of suicide they could have chosen.
What do you think of people with cultural pride? It's a good thing until it becomes "I am better than you because my ancestors did/suffered through/made this!". Then it becomes stupidity.
What do you think of people who are in jail? I think they are in jail. I have no generalizations to make on this one...
What do you think of people who dont care about society? Half the time I don't. Though that depends on whether you interpret not caring as "fuck society, I will do what I wish" or "society is going to hell and there's nothing I can do about it so I will follow like a sheep".
What do you think of rapists? Should all be castrated. Then killed. Preferably burned alive or something equally painful.
What do you think of reporters? Interesting job. Potential to become extreme jerks.
What do you think of famous people? Depends on how they became successful - big boobs or actual talent?
What do you think of fat people? I am one. I wish I wasn't. Damn it. I have nothing against fat people at all. I just don't want to be one anymore.
What do you think of skinny people? I'm envious, usually. Beyond that, unless they're emaciated, I don't bother to think on it much.
What do you think of short people? I usually just see the tops of their heads...
What do you think about people who generalize? I can be one of them, (evidenced above) but for goodness' sakes, it's a survey. You can't avoid making generalizations without writing a thesis on each and every question...
What do you think of different races? I love learning about them. I used to make up different cultures for my stories. I wonder what happened to those...


What do you think of people who want to commit suicide? Been there, tried that. From what I can tell it's different for each person. I wasn't thinking so much at the time. I just looked down and saw a lot of blood. Oops. Or I realized just how many pills I'd taken. Oops. Each time it was a mechanical action not really dictated by the coherent part of my brain. Not that the coherent part of my brain really minded the thought that its existence was coming to an end, but I didn't sit there and go: "I am going to go die now." I sort of woke up later going: "Oh, I almost died again."
What do you think of people who talk about death a lot? I'm probably one of them without realizing it (depending largely on how many private posts you can read. Though I don't make those here so much anymore) sometimes. Sometimes I just want to get life over with. Sometimes I'm just fine with how things are going. Death is an interesting concept, so I usually have some nice conversations with people over the nature of death and the afterlife, though not so much back-and-forth "oh I wanna die" whining.
What do you think of people who die in accidents? Those are sad and needless deaths.
What do you think of people who are slowly dying? They can be incredibly strong. Heh. Every time doctors gave my Abuelita an estimate of how long she'd live, she lived three times longer. Tough little woman. And technically, aren't we all slowly dying?
What do you think of society's acceptance of death? it alternates between thoroughly desensitizing us to it, glamorizing it, and just acknowledging that yes, it is painful and yes, it is a part of life.

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