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Because I'm bored:

  • She puts up with so much shit and hasn't gone (entirely) crazy yet.
  • She manages to retain a unique sense of humor.
  • She likes cheese (just ask her).
  • Bob. 'Nuff said.
  • She could so be a catgirl. She could. John and Greg would agree with me on this, I am sure.
  • Like me, she's a pack rat who has a tendency to try to carry everything important in her life with her on her person at all times.
  • She could kill you with her tenor sax, if she wanted to...
  • She managed to steal the front seat of my car from Nicole. Those who understand the power of my sister know what a feat that truly is.

  • He is the mitten king. Really. He is. Spoot?
  • He's not crazy, he's just drawn that way.
  • He's lanky and spastic, which results in his knee making contact with my back through the seat of my car quite often.
  • He's one of the most entertaining people to watch/listen to that I've ever encountered in my life.
  • Don't tell anyone (shhh!) but he's really a sweet guy. I swear, if Michael didn't exist I'd probably have wound up falling for him. *snicker* as is, must find him a suitable girlfriend. There will be tests. Sign up here.
  • He understands the need for art.
  • He will always be there to give me a good kick in the ass, regardless of whether or not I have given him all the facts. And sometimes that's for the better.
  • He's WARM. As someone who is very cold-blooded, this is important to me.

  • He has the whole 'deadpan humor' thing almost down. His reactions tend to be more subtle, particularly when contrasted with Greg. They are like a comedy team together; it's great.
  • He writes. There are not enough writers in my life.
  • He has the damned bluest eyes I've ever seen. I will steal them and keep them in a jar. *cough*... or not.
  • He's ticklish. Hehehehe.
  • He's non-judgmental.
  • He yelps when bitten, then allows himself to wind up in a position to be bitten again. I think he secretly enjoys it.

  • His online handle is psychic toaster and/or psytoasty. How can you NOT love that?
  • He is an oekaki GOD. Yes, oekaki is the bastard offspring of MS Paint and Painter. But he has made it his bitch on so many levels.
  • He has flying squirrels, possibly the cutest beasts on the face of the planet. OH GOD, THE CUTENESS! Not only that, but two of them are gay. That's just great. Hurrah for homosexual flying squirrels!
  • He's British and Canadian! For which he receives no end of grief from the rest of the Pervert Crew, let me tell you.
  • Parts of me that don't see the sun are darker than him. He's PALE.
  • He loaned me LAIN (even though my comp wouldn't let me play it... sob!).
  • He understands the terror and stupidity that is Multimedia class.

  • He still looks like a 12 year-old. An evil 12 year-old, but a 12 year-old nonetheless. Hehehe.
  • He has agreed to kill me! Isn't he sweet.
  • He's the only person with balls enough to attempt to bite me.
  • He thinks David Duchovney is sexy, too! (no, Robert's not gay. This is just the result of being on crack in the car on Friday)
  • He lurks in the back of my car and plots to kill us all.
  • He can eat his weight in gummi bears. Actually, I don't know if that's true or not, but I needed something more interesting to round out Robert's list. Hehe.

  • After nine years, he has not yet killed me. For the extreme patience I know that must take, I commend him.
  • He's a writer, artist, and musician.
  • He plays the flute and has done so for seven years now. Do you have any idea of the balls it takes to be the only male flute player in the band for seven years? When you're straight? Do you? Yeah, he plays flute, but he could kick your ass, and is constantly surrounded by the rest of his section - a bunch of cute girls! Not a bad plan if you ask me. Hehe.
  • He noticed when I lost weight. That matters. A LOT.
  • His parents are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I love his family.
  • He can bend and twist in ways no human being should be able to (turn his knee so that it's perpendicular to the ground with his foot going upward, put his legs behind his head, etc.). I am immune now to the 'OHMIGOD!' factor of these displays, but I get a kick out of the expressions on other peoples faces when he does it.
  • He's Tish's 'daddy'. I am her 'mommy'. We have decided not to get into the implications thereof...
  • He has a sense of humor that is every bit as warped and perverted as my own. In fact, he's probably at least partially responsible for mine...

  • She has a strange hypnotic power over people and can get them to do her bidding without even really trying. I have never understood how it works, only that it does.
  • She is loud and rude and obnoxious... and yet people love her. No one can explain this. It's simply quite impossible not to.
  • She can bake cookies that will kick ANYONE'S ass.
  • She has singlehandedly turned her room into the Coolest Shrine to Music and Interesting Things in existence. Someday I'll manage to get pictures up, but no amount of photographs could truly give you an accurate impression of all the stuff on her walls and ceiling. Takes hours to read.
  • She has boxers with little rubber duckies on them. RUBBER DUCKIES!
  • She has so many masks I'm not sure even she knows who she is underneath.
  • Sometimes I swear she's me.
  • She's psychic. To an extent. Apparently there is some degree of psychic ability that runs in our family, particularly in the women. My mom has it, too. And it skipped me aside from the psychic mind-link between Nicole and I and an occasional tendency towards EXTREME empathy. (One of the reasons I don't like it when people around me are upset. When bad things happen to people around me, I tend to get even more upset about it than they do)
  • She takes more pictures than any other human being on the planet, and she's damned good at getting really awesome ones.

  • He has managed to avoid letting my sister devour his soul despite the fact that they've been dating for three and a half months. Go David!
  • His band's name is Trivial Robots. 'Nuff said.
  • He is a sexy, sexy bitch. And this year, we finally got him to admit it!
  • He wants to dye his hair blue.
  • His parents are cool enough to let him dye his hair blue.
  • He is mildly (read: almost-stalker-level) obsessed with Radiohead.
  • "... Boobs..."
  • He and his dog have the same hair. This amused me to no end the first time I encountered his dog.

  • Funniest little bastard on the planet. He has a fantastic sense of comedic timing.
  • The Face. Need I say more?
  • The boy can play any instrument on earth and then some. He can get a better melody out of a garden hose than most middle schoolers can out of a french horn. (I'm not kidding)
  • He talks in his sleep and while it scared the crap out of me (he was asleep on the couch, I was on the computer late at night and didn't realize he was there) a few times, it's usually really amusing.
  • I got to steal all of his shorts, since he only wears pants these days for some reason. Now I have guys' shorts!
  • I swear that catsup, not blood, runs through his veins. Yiiiiick.
  • When combined with Alex and insomnia on the part of myself and Nicole, things get a little... insane.
  • The cat loves him. And yet is terrified of him. If you watched him play with/torment/cuddle the kitty, you'd understand this.

  • This kid is fucking brilliant. I have to watch my language when I type in here sometimes because she'll come up behind me and start reading over my shoulder. I'm sure she's learned quite a few new words from this LJ... She's also answering multiplication questions (she can do the twos pretty easy, and even when I ask her something random like 7 x 5, she gets it in a few seconds). We're told she's not 'gifted' in the normal sense, since she still has a bit of trouble with writing, but she definitely has common sense and strong leadership qualities.
  • She can take care of herself better than most teenagers, which frightens me somewhat. She likes to act dependent by asking us to do stuff for her, but she's perfectly capable of handling herself.
  • She says the funniest things, usually without realizing it.
  • Her powers of cuteness cannot be resisted. They can't. Try it sometime.
  • She likes Weezer, Reel Big Fish, and Third Eye Blind. And can sing along with a lot of their songs.
  • She also likes Sailor Moon (subbed, now that she can read it!), Master of Mosquiton, and Martian Successor Nadesico. She likes me reading her manga as a bedtime story.
  • She likes to play with Photoshop and Painter Classic (or did, back when Painter Classic was still on the comp) with my tablet. She was pretty darn good with 'em, too...

    Mkay. Must go buy Mothers Day present for me ma.
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