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Haven't just babbled in here in a while. So I will. Yeah.

Brittany is listening to her headphones quite loudly (I can hear as if they were on my head). Nicole would shoot her for her tastes in music.
Fire drill today, in the rain. We enjoyed it. I harassed poor John and made him very frightened of band students.
I had some beef jerky. Meaty. Some grapefruit juice, too. Me and my weird eating habits. Such a tasty lunch.
Working very hard on getting over Michael. I am getting the distinct impression that things would be a hell of a lot easier if I could be girly and just cry. But since that's not working, on to plan B: be numb for a month or two. Mmkay. I can do that.
Dollmaking. Very disgruntled as none are fat enough to be me. Now I suppose I have a project - fat person dollmaker. Whee.
Last concert of the year. Nicole is making me stay for the ice cream social. Curses. I need/want neither ice cream nor socialization.
My nails are blue. But I am not cold. I heard that this blueness could be caused by a lack of iron. But if Fitday is to be trusted, I've had about 100% my RDA of iron. Damn you, body, and your refusal to cooperate.
The Color of Magic is quite amusing. Must give back to Drew. Frantically hoping I did not accidentally leave it in Multi-media. Meep.
The Red and White game is this Wednesday. After that, I no longer need ever touch my clarinet again. I can get a job. If I feel like it, I can wear lipstick (shame I rarely wear makeup. I love the real dramatic-looking sort of application if any at all, but I can rarely be bothered with it). My obligations to Memorial High School's band are completely over. Cue nostalgia.
Okay, that's enough of that. Hell yes, I will be out of here in two weeks.
I need a job. Want to work full-time over the summer, but as my mom and dad make more and more plans, that's looking less and less likely. I'd rather not work for only a month; I tend to become attached to workplaces like you wouldn't believe. Like my fondness for inanimate objects (losing my special mechanical pencil is cause for a nervous breakdown. I don't care if I have another pencil or that I haven't used it in months, it is still special). But I could use the cash.
Right now and until I am told otherwise by the university housing, it's looking like I'll be leaving for San Antonio about August 1, since that's when the lease on the apartment I applied for begins and there's no point in having the apartment (UTSA housing is nice; the University Oaks apartments look to be my sort of place. Semi-private. My own room. Etc.) and it just being there when I could be getting out of my parents hair and settling in before classes start. At some point before that, probably in July, we are apparently going to go visit the area (my parents are sending me off to a college we've never seen. I went to San Antonio about seven years ago, and I remember nothing of the city itself)
My family will be gone and I will be home alone the first week in June. My relatives may try to fight me on this (both aunts have called suggesting I stay with them or that they come stay with me). Let me rephrase it. I will be home ALONE the first week in June even if I have to kill off a few people in order for it to remain that way. Grr, damn it. Do not infringe upon the solitude of Jenni if you wish to keep your physical person intact.
Now, where can I locate two sombreros? Hmmmm.... Mebbe we have some somewhere in the house. I hope so.

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