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Multimedia can just suck the eternal penis. I have ceased with the caring. Boo-hiss.

Michael apparently cannot stand to look at me and would much rather pretend I don't exist.
That wouldn't hurt nearly so much if it looked like he had to exert the slightest amount of thought to remind himself to place a hand by his eyes, hiding me from view, or if he had even once slipped and moved his gaze from Emily to me. But it would seem ignoring me is an entirely unconscious action on his part, and is quite natural to him.
I felt so special. Mere words cannot describe.

Emily was screaming that she "NEEDED FRENCH FRIES" and other assorted random foods through the latter half of the game. Mostly for attention so she could make a spectacle of herself (no, that's not me being catty. She confirmed this herself twice to me.)

Steven WOULD NOT GO AWAY AND WOULD NOT STOP TOUCHING ME. He was leaning on me, poking me, and just generally making a pest of himself because I told him to stop stalking Nicole (apparently her boyfriend was not quite noticing that Steven was annoying the unholy crap out of my sister - David, next time you see Steven harassing Nicole, beat him up or something.) and since he could not bother her, he bothered me. I wanted to smack him across the field and I probably should have.

Edmund finally caught on that Nicole and I are sisters. Real bright, that boy. You will understand why that makes me shake my head and worry if you have seen both Nicole and I - we look almost exactly alike.

My ability to tolerate clingy people dwindles further with each passing moment.

*eyes sister's copy of Maladroit" Rivers whatsisbutt (lead singer of Weezer. Cute, very dorky-lookin' kind of guy. Yeah, I <3 dorks. Shoo) looks very odd with a five o'clock shadow. Very odd.

Observe as I revert back to first-grade: Hillary li~ikes ________! (I'm not tellin' yet. Nyahahah. But it's painfully, horribly obvious. She so has a big 'ol crush on ________.)

Texas Art Supply is hiring. I picked up an application. Will drop it back off tomorrow. Oh god, I want to work there again SO BADLY. I went in and all the managers were there at once (which is rather unusual) and they all started to make a fuss over the weight I'd lost. Heh. And Suzy and Lauren were there; but I didn't see Makenzie or Efren or Jennifer. I hope they're still there. Marc got married! He's an awesome guy; she'd better be good to him. I used to joke that if I was about 30 years older, I'd have married him in an instant and I probably would have - he's a good man. He's the 'fun' manager.
I want to work there so much... but I'm really afraid to get my hopes up. If I have learned anything in life, it is that getting one's hopes up should be avoided at all cost.
Note to self: locate lotion. I know we have some in this house somewhere. My skin is dry and my arms are itchy. Since scratching usually results in drawing blood (sharp nails, though short and blunt. Maybe just strong hands) it is probably better to moisturize than let them remain dry and itchy.

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