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This is not good. Our computer is randomly deciding that programs should be shut down with no visible cause. It did this before it died the last time. FUCK. By all rights, this computer should kick the ass of every other computer I've ever encountered. Instead, it gives me more trouble than all the ancient school Macs I've ever used, combined. I can accept it if the universe just hates me, but did it have to send that message through my computer? Why not just strike me with the Plague or something?

Hillary, apparently, does not like ________ in 'that' way. Mkay.

Senior Awards night was worthless and I got to escape early. I accepted my award for my PSAT score (only noteworthy thing I've done in my entire high school career) and left. Drove around for a while. Thought a lot about the end of high school. We're at the point where everyone's getting nostalgic for their close-knit friend groups, the ones they do everything with, who they will miss so, so much.
Fuck 'em. I am a loner and I will miss no one. I am aware that probably hurts to hear, but sorry, it's my nature. I love them, I just wish they'd realize that and leave me alone. I don't consider myself particularly interesting, even online. Most of my conversations consist mostly of "...", bitching, or "ok". I promise you all, it is no great loss when I leave town.
I have spent long periods of time away from my family with no ill effects whatsoever. I talk to people more online than in person anyway, even with my tendency to hide lately. It'll be just like I never left, only they'll have to get rides from someone else. I have almost no memories that are not text-based to get teary-eyed over. Odds are I won't even get teary-eyed over the text ones; I'll just get bitter. -Er.
Hell, if I were to forget about the online aspect of the friendship Michael and I had, it's almost like I never knew him (almost)! Gimme that magnet, I'ma delete my brain. And heart while I'm at it. Should do the trick, no? Brains need to be more like floppy disks.

If I ever - EVER - find out who the hell keeps hitting the thermostat and cranking the HEAT on up to 80 so that my room is warmer than the outdoors when I come home, I will hurt them. Every single effin' day, you can literally feel the heat difference as you walk up the stairs. Add that to the windows and the 'heat rises' thing and my room is an oven during the summer. Rrgh.

Texas Art does not seem to want summer employees. Nicole said "of course. That'd be too easy". And it would make Jenni way too happy. Can't have that, now, can we? Heaven forbid. (and I think it did. Damn it, God. Gimme back my job)

Holy fuck, my head is spinning. I have kamikaze PMS-type stuff. It all hits, straight-on, full-force, all at once. This will last several miserable days. Then it all magically goes away. I despise it. I don't intend to breed. I SO should have been born male.

Tomorrow is Graduation rehearsal of some sort. Then the annual Senior Picnic. I heard something about cash prizes at said picnic, but since I have terrible luck (ask Nicole how many of the thousands of games of Trouble we played I won. I think it was maybe two) I will skip that and go see Star Wars instead. I need to eliminate my rather annoying dislike of going to movies alone. It shouldn't be much of a problem; it's easily canceled out and overtaken by my dislike of 'hanging out' with people.

Tried to convince Chase/Eric (dunno which one. They share a screenname, which is both a bit sad and very, very confusing) to get rid of any references to sex, illegitimate children, and general whorishness in the senior prediction he writes for Emily. Michael would kill him if he wrote that stuff. The senior predictions are just what the title implies - underclassmen predicting silly, goofy futures for the seniors based on the quirks they've displayed over the years. Sadly, Emily's main quirk is a habit of yelling obnoxiously and proclaiming that she is/wants to be a prostitute. At least, that's what most of the underclassmen remember. And she was upset about her reputation...

If I am horribly bitchy (and I suspect I am), it is because I am cranky and crampy and hoping that excessive walking will make the cramps go away. Works sometimes.

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