The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
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Physical: mah leg hurts. Though after two days in a row of biking/treadmilling for quite a bit after weeks of inactivity, I suppose it has a right. Don't know what the hell I did to my stupid knee when I fell, but it apparently never quite healed and hurts if I walk for longer than an hour. How odd. But it's not painful enough to make me stop... My arms are sore, too, I got to use a weight machine that did more than my measly 8-lb weights here at home. Now off to do some situps. (I am on an exercise kick. Couldja tell?)
Mental: Meh. Nothing much. School is, as far as I am concerned, over. Therefore, </brain>
Emotional: Once I eliminate any thought from my head that has any reference to myself, I am fine and dandy because that gets rid of all the self-loathing. I know it's lurking and I'll probably crash and burn in a month or so, but for now I'm decently cheery and I intend to enjoy it as much as I can. Oddly enough, my 'cheerful' behavior now is almost exactly the opposite of what it used to be: I hole up in my room or my car, reading. My facial expression does not change at all. I am extremely wary of other life forms because I am well aware that they have the ability to throw me so far out of this mood with a single word that they scare me. (I overreact to everything. Ex. See: Jenni's Life)
Social: See above explanation for my general avoidance of people. I am avoiding them because I am in a good mood. As opposed to when I avoid them because I am in a bad mood... *ponders*
Creative: The fact that I even bothered to bring back this category should tell you something. hehe. I want to make websites. Right now, Lack of Substance and Sub-Sane will probably be my victims of choice. If I like what I can scribble out, I'll show their creators.
Misc: Looky here, another reason for me to respect J Grant. I like a lot of people, but it takes a bit to earn respect from me. Not that my respect is any sort of all-important goal...
I will not be attending A-Kon. Not because my parents won't let me, but just because I don't really want to. I didn't even ask my parents. I just don't want to go. *shrug* Call me crazy. Call me Susan if you like...
This... Vanilla Coke I have been hearing of intrigues me. Someday I will look into it.
Now, off to scour the city for jobs. I need to find out from my parents if it's permissable for me to work night shifts. I've certainly got no problem with it. Not like I'd do anything with my time otherwise. I'd be awake, just lazing about on the computer. No sense in that when I could be earning money. Besides, I like the nighttime. Much better than day.

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