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I'd (almost) forgotten how much I ADORE Star Wars.

Overcame any dislike I had of going to movies alone. I rather like being out and about by myself late at night. Really like it, in fact.
Geek that I am, I'll probably drag my antisocial carcass out of the house to see the film again numerous times, too...

  • Egads, Yoda kicks more ass than I thought possible. He also retained an amazing amount of Muppet-osity for a CGed character. He reminded me of my Abuelita in his movements and expressions - very realistic portrayal of an elderly being.
  • R2D2 is my hero.
  • Yes, the acting is not-so-good. But you can forget that if you let yourself become immersed in the story. As with seemingly all motion pictures these days, the actors were not chosen because of any actual talent; they were chosen because they looked pretty. And at least most of them do a fairly decent job of that.
  • Anakin does not do romance so well. Psychotic he does well. Teen angst he thinks he does well. But he did an excellent job of thoroughly creeping me out through the entire movie. Dear god, even when he was trying to be romantic, he gave me the creeps. *shudder*
  • Jedi Robe has now replaced Cloak at the top of the list of Clothing Jenni Will Someday Own. Everything in Amidala's Wardrobe is a close second.
  • The love scenes - eh. And eh again. On one hand, I am the worlds biggest sucker for a love story. In case you had not picked up on this yet; I'm a hopeless romantic. So the lovey-dovey stuff is all well and good. On the other hand, the acting/writing (in places) hurts. It hurts. OH GOD, IT BURNS!
  • Natalie Portman is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. And I want to be her just so I can wear those costumes. Egads, I want to see the movie again just for the clothes. And her hair! Hurrah for the costumers for letting one person in the movie retain some good hairstyles. You can tell someone had fun designing her outfits.
  • Boba Fett was a cute little kid, wasn't he? Awww.
  • I have a bone to pick with the clone army. Come on! Our band can march/do blocks better than that! Well, on a good day. Okay, maybe our band can't, but the average high school marching band probably could! Shame, Fett-clones. SHAME.
  • JarJar still needs to die. Yes, his part was small. But he was not killed in some quiet yet messy and doubtless painful manner in the background of an otherwise unimportant scene, and I am thusly annoyed. 'Cause he should have been.

    I remember in 7th grade when the original trilogy was re-released, I wrote some ridiculous story that wound up with half my English class (best class EVER, thankyouverymuch) zapped into Star Wars. It was great. It was so stupid. But it was great. Michael was Han Solo, a girl named Adrienne was Leia (to think I had a bit of a crush on Michael even back then. But at the time, I believe he liked Adrienne. Anyone else starting to notice pattern here...?). Mark, one of our drum majors this year, was Luke. I was R2D2 (of course), and a girl named Rati who has never quite learned to stop talking was C-3PO. Matt (currently a cheerleader) was Darth Vader, Dan was (and would still make a fantastic) Yoda, Kostas was Chewbacca, and I think Zach was Obi-Wan. It was great. So silly.
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