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While browsing through the library...

I recall with a smile and a smirk people who say "well, I've read it, now what?" concerning books. People who see me re-reading books (I have read many of the books I own upwards of 20 times, some many, many more) get confused. Books aren't like movies, they insist. You can't go back and find things you missed the first time because you were distracted by something else.
Books change every time you read them based on the perceptions of the world you have going into them. Your prejudices, your beliefs, and your past experiences, as well as how aware you are of basic human nature and how empathic you are all contribute enormously to what you get out of a book.
I am a fast reader. Very fast. I can say without boasting that I very easily put people who have taken speed-reading courses to shame, so far as time and overall comprehension go. When I was younger, I did nothing but read (no friends = a hell of a lot of spare time). I have actually gone through entire libraries, and run out of books that seem interesting. Or even moderately interesting.
***random interjection***
Fuck you too, MSN. Quit disconnecting me! *hiss*
***/random interjection***
*ahem* anyway. I re-read books because I have no other alternatives. I simply run out of material, otherwise.
***random interjection***
GOD DAMN IT, COMPUTER, LET ME CHECK MY FUCKING EMAIL! Is it necessary to close whatever browser I have open every time I try to access my inbox? IS IT?
***/random interjection***
... grr. Losing train of thought. Uh. Yeah. Books. Um. Past few years, I sort of stopped reading. I still read every now and then, but I no longer have a book in hand every time you see me. Hell, I read for fun an average of maybe two, three books a year (not counting mangas, which I've sort of stopped reading as well). The rest is all for school. But lately I've been visiting the library again, and where I used to go for fiction, now I go for the phsychology textbooks, the biographies, etc. The sections that I only dabbled in when I was younger.
***random interjection***
Okay, now AIM's getting into the act. Fuck you, computer! AUUUGH! *drives fork through skull* *doesn't really have a fork...*
***/random interjection***
... my train of thought crashed and burned. Fucknuggets.

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